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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Women and men.

Human instincts, emotions and behaviours are absolutely fucked.  If I could be bothered and had enough time, I would love to study psychology for interests sake.  However I suppose psychological theories do not really say much about the actual things women say and do but more the psychology behind their emotions/motives/feelings etc.  The strangest thing about engaging or observing encounters with the same sex or the opposite sex is that so many people are oblivious to the ways in which the other will do things - whether it will be verbally or in actions.

What every man should know about women: The truth which covers a vast majority of us..

1) MOST women do everything in an emotionally driven way.  We can't help it.  It's so wired into us that we think in the most irrational moments we are being rational because of our "feelings".  We let our feelings absolutely consume us in all senses - the things we do/the way we act, what we say, how far we are willing to go with people.  It's actually fucking INSANE how it all works.

2) Women hardly ever say things as they are.  Another thing that is hard to do is saying things as they are.  For some reason we have to always give a background story on everything or justification for something we say.  This is not always the case as there are variables like interests, education level, age etc. But generally speaking we make things way more complicating by saying things that we think will spark a reaction from the opposing person or at least hopefully keep them talking, interested etc.

3) MY OPINION - Star signs, as absolutely bullshit and invalid as they are; SOMETIMES support personal traits.  I myself, being a libra have this fucked up complex with weighing things out and being indecisive.  I'm sure that this is only a personal trait but I have seen similar evidence to support that to some degree, a star sign can give a slight indication of character - obviously its very invalid to a degree but somewhat interesting.

4) Every woman wants to feel like she's important.  She may be completely discrete about this - in most cases she will be.  I believe that most human beings are naturally attention seeking but I love watching girls absolutely flaunt what they've got and throw themselves at people to get some praise. Its hilarious.  It also ties perfectly in with girls being completely driven by their emotions.

5) When a girl wants someone/something bad enough, she'll be crazy.  And when I say crazy I mean she'll say everything you want her to say.  She may not even realise it.  Sometimes she will say things because she genuinely means them which is a hard thing to differentiate between.  There is this major act she will project to you! However I often have conversations with friends that say "he wanted me to do this, he doesnt want that etc and so I did this so he would/wouldnt do it".  Crazy?!?! I fucking reckon!  This ties into my "Morning sex" blog.  From my own mental tally so many girls hate morning sex... and this rule is complicating because its not absolute. YES we like morning sex when we feel like it but because guys want it way more often, girls will pretend a lot of the time.  The pretending stops after she feels "emotionally secure" in knowing that if she says no to you you won't leave her.  Reality is fucked up.  Has your girlfriend ever said to you "Oh my god baby I love it when you're hard in the morning?". Im sure she has.. and i'm sure she loves it some of the time...aka when SHE wants it...WHICH ISNT ALL THE TIME EVEN IF SHE SAYS IT IS.... so yeah... be aware.

6) Women take shit seriously.  If you're not at the kind of level with her that its acceptable to say what you think then don't say it or you'll lose out.  If you break up with her and say its because you hate her hair or her voice is fucking squeaky, even if she hates you she'll believe it.  Not even kidding.  Women cry over this shit ALL THE TIME!  "Oh my god...he said he hated that dress i wear out. Is it horrible?" etc. And this is why women need so many friends - for justification that they look a million dollars and that they are loved with or without men...*SIGH*. MEN If you want to test your power tell a girl you like/dislike something she is wearing or comment on the way she looks.  I GUARANTEE you that she'll wear that thing you liked a whole lot more (even if she hates it) or do her hair the way you like it in front of you because you said it.  Women don't forget that shit.  Seriously.  Its like mentally implanted in their brains once it comes out of your mouth.
This will also slowly die the longer you stay with them.

7) Women CAN BE controlling.  This is one of those variables that really depends on personality.  If she's self centred she'll control you more than you're even aware - she'll make you chase her etc.  If she's insecure or just very very light and fluffy in her emotions she will do the opposite - she will let you get away with murder to please you.  It's important you find a woman with balance as this is the hardest thing about women!

I know you're probably feeling freaked out by this, but its the truth. And just to add - all women ARE crazy, in different ways.  Although we are all into different things and fit into very different social groups etc our minds work on the same sorts of principles in one way or another.  It may be mild or extreme... either way.. know boys that your woman is crazy!


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