Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another reason why I dislike the US...

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A giant load of ramble.

So I hear that we should never take things as face value, that we should "Question everything".  
But if this is so then do we lose touch with reality?
Do we believe everything is a conspiracy theory?
Will we be blind to the earth's goodness?

Let me tell you a little something about the earth - Yes we are ruining it.  The earth never wanted us, the billions and billions of us that grow in number each day.  Hence "natural selection".  Is it inhumane to think that not everyone should exist?  Was it the destiny of mankind to discover new technologies to help us live longer or are we cheating the system?  We are taught equality but should we be selfish?  Is it in our nature to favour particular races, particular people, particular places/plants/animals/activities?  Have we removed basic animal instincts that help us differentiate or are we making way for a better future?

To be honest, I doubt the world will be able to keep us for as long as we think.  Fossil fuels will run dry, fresh water will become more precious and minerals will become scarce to the point where we will have fucked ourselves up.  But do you know what?  The world doesn't care.  Earth as a planet will still be able to sustain itself one way or another, whether we are inhabiting it or not.  Somehow nature will run its course.  If you really think about how over populated the earth has become

May I add, just because I'm discussing this, doesn't mean its all true.  I think that equality is a good thing.  I think every human being brought onto this earth has a right but I dont really think that every person should exist here in the first place.  Yes natural selection is being overcome because our emotions can't deal with loss, loneliness, lack of empathy or inconvenient disruptions.  Its no longer just about survival, but in a way it is.  We want more than just survival; we want as much as we can get and you know what shits me.. some people have SO FUCKING MUCH - so many opportunities, so much support and they throw it away.  They are the ones with the most potential to survive and live well but they totally blow it, fucking up their minds and bodies.  For those of you that think I am drawing conclusions way too easily, I may be but do not think that I am being irrational.  If you are given opportunities TAKE THEM or else there is no point in your existence.  Leaching off society is useless.

This whole point is really significant when it comes to nutrition.  Western societies are favoured when it comes to good nutrition.  So why are we getting CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES?  WHY ARE WE HAVING STROKES? WHY WILL THE CURRENT GENERATION LIVE SHORTER LIVES THAN THEIR PARENTS?  Maybe its fate.  Maybe its the consequences of coming too far, of "over thinking", of making too many unneccessary things in our societies.  Have you heard of the new calorie-less coffee- you inhale it.  Was that really necessary?  Why do people with great minds invent such fucking rubbish?  Who are you even helping?  You people just want too much.  We need to focus on being healthy and being happy.  Western world = over nutrition, third world = under nutrition.  Is there a medium?  Cigarettes are banned why isn't maccas?  Theres absolutely NOTHING healthy about it - bad, saturated fatty oils; sugar filled buns with NO nutritional value; "100% beef"... Oh really?  What part of the beef exactly?  Bit hard to tell when its a generic shape that does not resemble any part of an animal and actually tastes like cardboard!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You know what really pains me?  Some people DONT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITIES that you do.  Some people can't get out money from their wallet and walk to a corner store and buy a loaf of bread to feed their families.  Why the fuck do we have to exploit that by stuffing our faces with chocolate and

to be continued...

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Your world is full of opportunities others don't have.

In a world of extremes, if we can't save the starving children then can we at least try and save ourselves? How can people sit and eat themselves to obesity when they are among the few people in the world that can have optimum nutrition? It saddens me to see children that don't know what a tomato looks like.  It saddens me to see American schools giving children fat filled, veggie-less pizza and packet mashed potato.  HOW can this be acceptable? HOW can this happen?

Blogs are generally written to voice opinions and express passionate ranting.  As you probably know, Jamie Oliver is my hero (seriously Gordon Ramsay..WTF HAVE YOU DONE?).  Airing on foxtel at the moment is his series on pigs - "Jamie saves our bacon" and has just recently started "Jamie's food revolution" which is equally as shocking.  Jamie is the BIGGEST inspiration to me as a nutritionist and if I can even accomplish a small fraction of what he has or change the nutritional habbits of even a few people (in particularly children) I will be thrilled!

Please, PLEASE watch these videos and click on the link below to see Jamie's campaigns:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

23 people.

I HATE magazines like "Woman's day" and celebrity paparazzi crap!  I strongly dislike celebrities who make it big from no talent at all or people that are so ridiculous that they become cool... like that Corey kid from myspace.  I do however have many heros.  The most inspirational to me are Jamie Oliver, Miranda Kerr, Jeff Buckley, Marilyn Manson, Barack Obama, Katie Noonan, Charlotte Watts and Kevin Rudd but there are sooooooo many that are so many people on the list below (and not on the list) that I love.  The thing is I don't love them for the way they look but for what they do!  Jamie is definitely the most amazing man on earth!

Jamie Oliver

Charlotte Watts

Miranda Kerr

Emily De Ravin

Hamish Blake


Hugh Laurie

Jeff Buckley

Katie Noonan

Nigella Lawson

Nelson Mundella

Helena Bonham Carter

Tim Burton

Barack Obama

Khaled hosseini

Dylan Moran

Marilyn Manson

Sam Mendes

John Keats

Kate Winslet

Johnny Depp

Michael Moore


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old, poor and sober.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Artificial sweetener 

Eat breakfast like a king,
Lunch like a prince,
And dinner like a pauper.

Let me also pose a question to you that has been spinning around in my head - If our bodies digest our food into basic components (fatty acids, amino acids, monosaccharies etc), WHAT THE FUCK happens to substances we consume outside of these boundaries?  Its crap that organic food is so damn expensive but ditch the chemicals where you possibly can!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Love and ambition

Underneath my idiocracy, I am a very very emotional person.  I am very spontaneous yet somehow prepared, extremally ambitious, loving at heart and also a huge dreamer.  Luck is a term I rather not use, yet love and karma are words of meaning in which I strongly believe.  I have learnt that the only way we can achieve our greatest dreams is to DO what we love, have things to look forward to and have people to share ourselves with. I am fortunate enough to have all three.

As you will know by my facebook heres what I live by:

There are no good guys & bad guys, there are both. It depends which part you show off more.
Love is a game of trial and error.
Ambition and inspiration are your drivers- Your goals are limitles!
Pain and heart ache only make you stronger.
Happiness radiates from person to person.
Mistakes will always be made but forgiveness is always possible.
Travel is ultimate bliss.

My favourite quote:
♥ It's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life...
I am in a huge state of bliss and emotion and I have a very very strong desire to read some poetry.  Since I saw "Bright star" I remembered how much I used to love poetry and how often I used to read it.  Although William Shakespeare was rather bias and extremally sexist at times (although it was old england), I love him.  I have also remembered how much I love Robert Frost and of course, John Keats.  There are so many wonderful poets out there.  I am feeling filled with love right now so here are some beautiful quotes by dear Mr Keats:
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness".
"Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter".
"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced".
"Pleasure is oft a visitant; but pain clings cruelly to us.”
“I am certain of nothing but the Holiness of the Heart's affections and the Truth of the Imagination”

Friday, March 05, 2010

Good ideas.

There are many MANY things that seem like a good idea at the time and then after doing them you know that you will never ever EVER in your right mind do them again.  You know how Britney shaved her head?  Yeh its like that!

Good ideas gone bad:
(As you can see I'm very into lists:

- Cutting the back of your hair to have a "spiked" / "cool" effect.  You will end up looking like someone that got their hair stuck in a lawn mower or just managed to get a rabi hat off that had been permanently glued to their head for 10 years.

- Going to sizzler.  Theres so much awesome shit and you feel like you need to get your moneys worth and mix all the soft drinks together and have corn chips and ice cream together.  Until it happens - you pop.  The mixture of food in your stressed out stomach is forcing its way up your esophagus!!!!!

- Jumping the fence at a music festival.  I have discussed this before.  You either get fucked over and chased and your mates are ok or you are a loner and your mates get fucked over.

- Shopping trolley races.  I did this on the path next to the claremont show grounds.  The person pushing me couldnt keep up and I got rather injured.

- Trying to prove to someone that you can drink 4 goon bags.  Self explainatory.

- Trying to pee out of a caravan window.  Ok, ok.  I was drunk AND I was sleep walking and I thought the window was the door.  I got woken up before I actually pissed but i stood on the bed side table and undid my pants all ready.  Mannnn that was a bad night.

- Getting a tattoo whilst on something.  I have heard of this occuring to people in Bali, mainly because I'm pretty sure Aussie tattoo artists care about these things more.  A friend of mine considered getting "cheers" tattooed on his arm whilst drunk with friends and another guy got "Hakuna Matata" tattooed on his ass in bali.  Oh lord.

- Breaking into your house.  You become desperate because you know that being inside watching TV is a billion times better than sitting in your front garden waiting for someone to get home.  I have heard of broken windows, broken bones, numerous injuries and someone falling through their roof.

- Sitting on a log/wall/fence/table whilst binge drinking.  You will fall backwards and pass out and people will walk on you!!!!

- Driving a golf cart through the more... dense... areas in a golf course.  $2000 later you will be rethinking it.

- Vodka melons.  Dont ever do this either.  In fact - dont drink vodka.. or better still.. NEVER DRINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued...

These people totally understand what its like:

A Student's life.

So i'm back at uni and have been observing all the crazy new comers.  There are many trends I have noticed and I found them rather funny.  Please note that they are all very judgemental and stereotypical and do not take everything I'm say literally.  Let it amuse you:

Everyone knows:

- The person sniffing in the library that wont blow their nose or doesnt have a tissue is the most annoying person in the entire world whilst trying to study!

- Travelling in packs makes you look like you are not a complete nerd and have at least some social life!

- 3x700ml vodka bottles and 24 cans of red bull is THE BEST prize for a fundraising raffle ever known in history!

- Nobody looks good in their Student ID photo.

- Screw weetbix.  Mi Goreng is the budget version breakfast of champions.

- Caffinated beverages are like petrol and without them you will break down and fail your entire course.

- Vending machines are friends (at ecu you can get hot chips out of a vending machine and that makes me cry).

- Someone with 5 parking permit stickers on their window thinks they are showing the world how smart they are when we are all really thinking about how many years they have been at uni and are laughing...or getting depressed about how long we will be there!

- Food is the number 1 way to procrastinate!

- Free stuff and cheap stuff is AWESOME and we WANT IT.. no matter what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Nobody actually studies when they have a two hour break....centrelink, the Tav and anywhere where social event tickets can be purchased are places far more important than the library.

- Every lecturer will tell you that their unit/subject is the most amazing thing in the entire world and everyone should know about it.

- There are some funny clubs out there!!!!!!!!!

Diets & diet.

Diets don't work...but diet does!

Diets.  There are HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of them.  Do they work?  Sometimes.  Are they good for you?  Maybe, but in most cases no way!  Most of the time they ulliminate really important foods and food groups from a person's diet and leave us feeling more crap than we did before we went on them!  OH WOW - Beyonce lost 2 dress sizes (according to the almighty and probably bullshitting INTERNET) in 2 weeks by following this diet:

What you will need:
250ml hot water
2 teaspoons of maple syrup
2 teaspoons of chilli power or some sort of hot power

MIX... drink 3 times a day for two weeks and DO NOT consume anything else.

WHAT?!?  Do people actually care about their health or just the way they look?  Are people soooooooooooooo afraid of being fat that they dont care about being healthy?  According to a book I read by one of the biggest loser trainers - Fat but fit people will live a lot longer than skinny and unfit people.  Who would you rather be?  The fatter person or the skinner person?  The answer is you can have both and everyone, EVERYONE knows that it is all about BALANCE.

The sad thing is that mental health steps in and this can be how eating disorders happen.  I will write a blog soon about the mentality of a person with an eating disorder as it is really interesting and also quite sad.  Fear of fat is something that really eats away at people.  Most girls think about it numerous times, everyday, every time they eat, every time they look in the mirror.  If you can't look in the mirror and cope with what you see then you need to find a way around it.  Every minute you spend looking at your muffin top, "rib cage fat" and cellulite i

[Take control]

READ "Diets dont work"! By Dr Ross Walker.  Great book.  Also Read "Whats good for you - diet and weight loss special" by Grace Johnston and "Whats in this stuff" by Pat Thomas.  All fantastic reads!

Don't listen to your Wii fit.  Its stupid.  Cool idea and fun.  It can strengthen and help co-ordination but the body tests are innacurate and crap!
EAT!!!!!!  Balanced, regular meals!  Do not drink diet shakes, take these fucked up diet pills or deprive yourself of all bad food.  Choose the "naughty" foods that are less naughty than the rest.  Have some lollies as most arnt high in fat.  You will feel shitter or binge later if you reject everything!!!  Your body responds to sugars in the same way - the difference between eating fruit and table sugar (apart from chemical structure and such) is that one has nutrients and is natural.  Even excessive fruit intake can cause you to have blood sugar imbalances!

Wait 10 minutes and if you still want that cake think long and hard and if you get it eat it SLOWLY because chances are you wont finish it.

Keep a food diary. It really really puts things into perspective and helps you see what you are doing wrong.

Read food labels.  Look at sugar, sodium, saturated fat and energy content.

Ditch artificial sweeteners... if you can.  Yeah they may save you calories but they increase your appetite for sweet things!  Artificial sweeteners are 10 TIMES SWEETER than sugar, which is GROSS.  Over coming sugar addiction is all about training your taste buds and altering your habbits.  Train your taste buds to like coffee WITHOUT a sweetness to it.  Aside from this, artificial sweeteners are ARTIFICIAL (believe it or not).  Their chemical structure is dangerous.  If you look at moleclues that make up the substance you'll see that it contains excessive chlorine and other things that our body is simply not meant to injest.  I am a hypocrite if I say don't ever, ever have them as I love my diet coke but I definitely do not rely on them.

Don't ever follow celebrity diets unless its Miranda Kerr's (she is FANTASTIC and knows a crap load about diet and exercise as she also studied nutrition). 

Avoid sports drinks unless you need them  Powerade contains so much sodium that its not even funny.  Drinks like that are designed to help your body when it loses electrolytes and salt.

Make smart swaps.  Did you know that eating two mini pork pies is equivalent to eating 5-6 mini pasties?  Swap foods higher in nutrients and lower in the bad stuff! 
Have 100% juice and not 35% (my biggest hate). 
Have museli and not corn flakes (man soooo much sodium in those too). 
Eat lupin bread instead of regular bread.  Its half the calories and no gluten or processed wheat.
Olive oil instead of vegetable oil! VEGETABLE OIL IS EVIL! ... hydrogenated especially. Extra H+ is added to change its state! Ewwey!
Have sparkling water with lemon instead of a sugary fizzy drink.
Rice crackers or pop corn instead of chips.
Baked beans instead of tinned spaghetti.
Its easy. Do it now!

Dont be a "bad" vegetarian or "bad" carnivore!
Vegetarians - get your protein and nutrients (esp. iron)!
Carnivores - get your fibre and nutrients!

Studies suggest that vegetarians live longer because of lower cholestrol and saturated fat intake = less heart disease, stroke etc + more nutrients and most veggies consume enough iron and stufffff too!
Also - flossing your teeth supposedly adds 5 years to your life according to a pamphlet I read at the dentist... im yet to be convinced.

I apologise for the crapness of this blog but I'm currently researching about the mental state of people with eating disorders and shall share later!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Voiceless Ranting

Theres this guy I know who is a really talented writer.  If you have time go and read some of his stuff, its rather awesome!  Click here!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So we haven't spoken in a while - yes I've been slack and no, I don't have anything very intresting to discuss in this blog but it doesn't mean that I won't still write one.  This is my scribble space after all. 

[Current events]


I'm back and Uni and yes I am loving my course! HOWEVER, I must say that I am carefully considering my options.  As the saying goes "If I fail at Curtin there's still Murdoch and ECU".  My point is what if Curtin fails?  I love my uni but I must say its in my bad books at the moment so here's what I have to say:

- PARKING GUYS... there are at least 12 spots left in the carpark you are telling me not to go in to!  Quit sending me to the over-flow car park because its a 15 minute walk away in a forest in the dirt and makes me late for class because I'm not organised.

- Parking permits (yes that department is totally in my good books).... are CRAZY EXPENSIVE and have gone up by $50 since last year. WTF?!?!

- Since when did people start wearing heels to uni?  If you love it, so be it... but seriously - its SO impractical and I just want to drag you into one of my labs and watch the teacher humiliate you!!!!!!! .... in a nice way of course!

Rage = complete. Thanks for listening.


Yes, yes its a "bitch and moan" session here today but since when did people get such stupid tattoos?  When did guys decide that its cool to ditch stuff into the mosh pit because its funny and SINCE WHEN was it cool to grab 7 of your mates and climb the SOUND TENT that houses all the equipment to make the stage stuff work?!?!?! ...smart move!

Here are my top 10 "No No's" for music fesivals:

1. DO NOT try and wet a girl in a tight white singlet with your water bottle.  Yes that was me.  I was innocently trying to fill my water bottle when I became someone's spray victim and the smile on their face didn't please me AT ALL. 

2.  DO NOT wear a fluffy bear suit, full body costume or lycra/spandex out fit of any kind.  Its summer and you will pass out AND DIE!

3.  DO NOT consume excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol before entering the venue at around 2-3pm.  If you can't stand or fall over and start frothing at the mouth you have just wasted $140 and you are a total douche for doing so.

4.  DO NOT rely on the fact that your friends are going and thus you will definitely bump into them there.  Take your phone because otherwise you'll be sitting in a corner crying or going up to total randoms and trying to make friends with them.

5.  DO NOT consume the food.  It will kill you! Thats right- DEAD!  I'm serious!

6. DO NOT get to the headlining band's stage as they begin to play and try and force your way to the front.  You will get so smashed up and once again, you will DIE!!!!!!!

7.  DO NOT be the first to jump the fence.  You will most likely fall on something or get chased while your mates get in... otherwise you will run into the mosh for safety and they will get caught and then you will be alone.  If you have really bad friends they may not even come in with you and are just encourgaing you to go for a laugh and they will then pull out their tickets and proceed to the gates to enter safely.

8.  DO NOT forget to wear sunscreen.  You'll get cancer and... yep..yep..wait for it... DIE!

9.  GOTHS.. leave the look at home for ONE DAY because you'll get heat stroke in your dark, heavy, HOT clothes and will get a free ambulance ride out of the place.  Please please please.

10.  DO NOT pretend to be hell into a band when you are not and stand next to some really enthusiastic obsessive fan of theirs in the mosh pit.  If the band tells you to sing and you don't know the words, you'll get punched in the face!

[Current Pros]
 I know I complain a lot but I do have current pros :)

- Going to Thailand in June.

- May have the job of my dreams soon at a HEALTH FOOD STORE...i hope as they emailed me back.

- Uni course is sweet....for now.  Mind you it is day 3 of the academic calendar.

- Planning city to surf and am finally getting a little fitter.

- Just made THE BEST wholemeal mini cheese and herd + cheese and vegemite rolls for uni tomorrow!

- I am lucky to have a few great people to share my time and thoughts with.

- I am slightly more tanned than usual.
- I saw a cool movie last night.  Go see Shuttle Island.

- ALICE IN WONDERLAND IS OFFICIALLY OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......and everyong better go tomorrow so its empty when i go ^^.

- I have an awesome giant pot of green tea.. also a con.

[Current Cons]

- I drink too much water... so much that its bad for me.  I drink 3 litres of water a day easily and
thus, I pee constantly and am in desperate need of electrolytes.  No I do not have diabetes, a urinary tract infection or an STD... I simply like tea, water and diet coke too much.
Current summary of thoughts and suggestions to readers:

To be continued...