Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Friday, June 25, 2010

Laughs and boredome

Best by far was the guy with the awesome hair cut!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sad but true.

This picture was shown in a recent lecture of mine.  Both these babies are (I think) a few months old.  The indian woman in the picture was told that she could not provide enough milk for both babies (twins) and so that one would have to be bottle fed.  Sadly, it is thought that due to the price of formula, the woman was unable to afford to feed one properly and watered down the mixture; hence depriving her baby of essential nutrients for growth.  The other she chose to breast feed continuously.  The smaller one on the right died 3 days after this picture was taken.

Let this help you to appreciate a number of things:
1. The importance of mother's to their babies.  If they are taken away from them, think about how much it would change their lives.
2. We are lucky to live in such a wealthy country where something like this is a highly unlikely if not impossible occurance.
3. BREAST IS BEST! Breast feed your children!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The way we are.

Stuff that makes no sense but comes out of my silly little brain of crazyness...
Is it actually possible for one human being to fully understand the aspirations, the thoughts and the actions of another?  What would happen if the logistical thoughts of every human being could be combined to make one super human?  Would it even be possible for that many arbitrary yet refined thought processes to take place or would it become information over load?

Its funny the way we see things, how each human sees things slightly different but there are shared universal facts that we just accept at face value.  I guess thats the problem - its not in the what but in the why.  How many of us really ponder the why?  My problem is that pondering the why usually becomes too insignificant and never reaches conclusion and it frustrates me, so eventually I just accept.  I don't believe it is possible for us to have a "superior" perception of everything and that is most definitely ok.  Do physisists look at typography and see the shapes of the letters and the hand drawn grids in which it may have been modelled on or is it possible for them to do so but they simply don't have the interest?  After all do we just train our brains to what we are interested in and purely understand it because of that or is it all in the biological mechanisms within us?  On the contrary, I guess it may be possible to have great talent in multiple areas because is evident that mathematics, science, intelligent design and all segregated areas are part of the natural order and somehow interlink anyway.  As long as the time, matter and eukaryotic beings exist, the basis of human interests will exist too.

History would exist because time exists.
Language would exist because greater eukaryotic beings exist.
Mathematics would exist because nature possess mathematical practices and obviously also exists.
Design exists because matter itself exists in a particular space and takes on particular forms.
Science exists also because matter exists, elements exist, space, time, temperate etc exist.

And you know what.. the universe exists because of a so called "big bang" but who will ever really know?


Embrace what you love and question it.  For those questions that you can't answer yourself find answers.  Be prepared not to find answers for everything because we need to accept that some just do not exist to the knowledge of humanity.  Accept what others love and see how it shapes what you love.  You don't always have to understand it but it is interesting to try.  Know that there will be some things you will never be able to make conclusions on but I guess in knowing that you have made a conclusion.  And although you can be critical and analytical of everything to a supid degree, be smart with that power or your brain will probably come out of your ears.

And now I leave you with this...

Even if life does occur more or less inevitably given the right circumstances, does it also inevitably evolve to become more and more complex and, ultimately, achieve intelligence? Is mind written into the structure of the universe? "The essential architecture of multicellular organisms might well be the product of certain mathematical principles of organization". On the one hand we have "the nihilistic philosophy of the pointless universe", while on the other we have "an alternative view, admittedly romantic, but perhaps true nevertheless ... a universe in which the emergence of thinking beings is a fundamental and integral part of the overall scheme of things. A universe in which we are not alone."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Other half.

"Plato wrote in his Symposium that humans have been looking for their soul mate ever since Zeus cut them in half. In his mythic story, Plato describes a world where there were men, women and people who were both men and women. Apparently, humans began discussing how they could climb up to heaven and replace the gods. The gods were upset by this and discussed what should be done. The simplest solution would be to destroy mankind, but Zeus came up with a better idea. He suggested cutting all human beings in half. This would serve two purposes. First, it would immediately double the number of people making offerings to the gods. Second, it would weaken the humans, so they would not be able to carry out their plan. Zeus' idea was accepted, and the humans were all divided into two. Naturally, the humans were upset at this, and Zeus decided to enable each half to have intercourse with their opposite, symbolically creating a whole. Consequently, the males sought their female half, and the females sought their male half, allowing them to reproduce."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you...

You and I.
Maybe I just want to fly
I want to live I don't want to die
Maybe I just want to breath
Maybe I just don't believe
Maybe you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever

Do you ever feel like someone's put there hand right inside your heart and touched your soul?  I rarely feel like that with people but it feels so invigorating to find those that have that effect.  This week I've been lucky enough to have some beautiful encounters... one with a girl I could talk to every day for the rest of my life and forever feel wonderfully high from her words.  She makes me feel like theres this crazy fire burning right inside.  I wish I could explain it, and although our conversations are sometimes about the most stupid, insignificant things I feel that everything she says always has so much value, no matter the topic.  To her - thank you... for being a person who I can confide in always, who I feel better after seeing, who is truely so amazingly beautiful inside and out.

As for the other; I have mentioned her before and I'm very glad that I get to spend time with her.  It will be nice to reminisce the good and  bad and to have someones hand to hold and remember... remember everything.

I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do... about you now... either of you and obviously more but at this particular moment, life is a little less crazy with you in it <3

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Caffine Addiction.

I never pollute my body like I do in these weeks...  I am usually rather conscious about the amount of caffine, taurine, guarana, sugar and many things for that matter that enter my body.  This week is different.  Its like every second I've had a cup of coffee or a V in my hand.  My brain is scitzing out... my body keeps shaking... my stomach might explode and my kidneys keep on filtering out the shit i'm putting in.

I can't wait till this fortnight is over.  I'm going to be so happy I'll dance in my street - and thats a promise.  Its not like its really all that bad; I work well under pressure, yet sometimes it all builds up inside and I just explode into crazyness.  I wouldn't really care if these things didn't mean so much to me, it THIS didn't mean so much to me but it does and its nice to give a fuck for once.  This is what I want to do, this is who I am and I guess a challenge isn't all bad right?


Why is it that kids think year 12 will make or break there life?
Will it?  Will it really?
There is so much beyond that and I guess thats what I have to see in this situation - If i can't do it now, doesnt mean i cant do it at all... it just means I have to work harder next time, prioritize more.  I guess im scared of getting left behind in all the nothingness that is life.

Goodnight kids and happy studying.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Make this old world new.

I met a girl at a strange time in my life, a time where weird things stopped happening and my stupid pathetic little life somehow started to have a glimmer of hope and meaning.  The year or two leading up to our meeting were the worst in my memory and every second of crap I have now seems nothing in comparison and for that I am glad.  Somehow over the course of two weeks I shared silly little parts of myself with her that I wouldnt have with anyone else.  At that point I found it incredibly hard to confide in people and to an extent I still do.  Although a lot has happened; good and bad and I have learnt lessons, travelled, met people and hardly even seen her when I finally did again, nothing had changed.  I guess its just like that with us... things are always as where we left them last its just we as people are different; more grown up.. more 'experienced'. 

It seems like she has had some bad times since the last time we met and so I hope our new meeting and more regular relationship turns things around.  Maybe its my turn to give her something, the hope and trust that she gave me.  I can't even tell you now why it meant so much but I hope it happens back and she stays happy from now on.

Tonight was a good night - stupid and bummy, yet highly amusing and care free.  I had good company, the best company... an amazing boyfriend and two amazing friends who have found themselves together and make each other happy.  I love how right they are - I really do and I want the beautiful girl involved to know that she doesnt have to give too much, give just enough and I promise he will love you for you; not like all those fucking assholes before.  I hope it works out because its lovely seeing laughter!

Sunday I shall be venturing to freo and booking my tattoo. The design is finished and today Si did a transfer for me and its pretty sweet.

Well i'm off to bed as this week and next week are fucking terrible due to ridiculous exams worth 60% and such but when its all over theres plenty to look forward to.  Goodnight beautiful people and peace out.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Food consumption influences

(Space man food)

Parts of a rough assignment draft from earlier this semester...
Just some interesting findings.
Consumption and Public Health

“Social factors have a great influence over food choice and some consumers are not aware of this and these factors may have either positive or negative effects on food intake” (Barasi, 2007).  A report by World Heath Organisation expert showed that “there is a strong link between food and beverage intake and a variety of diseases like cardiovascular disease, various types of cancers and Type 2 diabetes, as well as a link to risk factors such as diabetes” (Public health association of Australia, 2007).  The overall contribution of food and drink related risk factors measured in the report showed that they had a greater impact on burden of disease than tobacco or alcohol (Public health association of Australia, 2007).

Actual impact non-communicable on individuals will depend on their genetics and their food choices (Barasi, 2007).  “If regulation of fat intake is poor it may result in over consumption of energy” (Barasi, 2007) and excessive saturated fat intake is potentially associated with disease (Barasi, 2007).  High sugar intake can result in dental problems (Barasi, 2007) and excessive soft drink consumption may cause excess energy consumption and contribute to obesity and diabetes (Barasi, 2007).

Diet related communicable diseases such as diabetes and obesity contribute to public health as they are increasing the demand for health promotion and preventative action (For example, “Draw the line on gaining weight” campaign).  “Total cost of obesity in 2008 was $58.2 billion and It is hoped that nutrition programs help to lower this figure”. (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).  The social determinants of food consumption and their specific effects on public health will be discussed below.

 Influences on consumption

As discussed, there are many influences on food consumption which include environmental influences, cultural influences and social influences.  Social influences are most significant in developed countries such as Australia where other factors such as economy and the environment have less of an impact on public health, food sustainability and food product options.  In this section, the primary social influences of food consumption will be discussed and a brief description of their impact on public health will be discussed.

Social ideologies
Social ideologies have a fundamental impact on food consumption.  Thus, accepted behaviours related to food within a social group will strongly influence food choice (Barasi, 2007).  There is a strong association between food and gender ideologies, which can be seen in different food consumption patterns and food types (Wang et al, 2008).  Many foods are advertised or promoted to be gender specific, such as a number of Special K advertisements for women and KFC’s “Footy box” box for men (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx2CtItV6lY&feature=related).  These foods are designed to tie in with social ideologies of masculinity and femininity; that men need large protein rich portions to accommodate for their high energy output, body mass and body image and that women need small, light and healthy convenience foods to accommodate their busy and demanding lifestyle.  The “Footy box” in particular shows that KFC is the perfect meal to have while watching the football with friends and is thus targets the large number of Australian men that watch football.

 Social ideologies and public health
It is stated by Australian public health association that women are more likely to take into account the effects of unhealthy eating than men (Public health association Australia, 2007).  Due to the imagery associated with masculinity, men are not as likely to consume lower energy or “diet foods” (Wang et al, 2008) and thus are a social group that the public health system must focus on.  Thus health promotion that targets males is essential to help reduce obesity and heart disease in men.

Socio-economic status
Wang states that “Materialism has become a predominant consumer ideology and influences consumption behaviour, including food choices” (Wang et a, 2008).  Certain foods may be socially perceived as prestigious and only consumed by those of higher social status and thus may be purchased and consumed by those willing impress others (Barasi, 2007).  Often these “high status” foods are indulgent foods such as alcoholic beverages, gourmet sweets/pasteries etc that contribute to over consumption of high energy foods, and thus influence lifestyle diseases such as obesity.  However this is not always the case as foods such as seafood products (in particular crustaceans) are only
 affordable to certain people but are very beneficial to one’s health.  Wahlqvist also suggests that an influencing factor in snack food consumption is wealth and therefore purchasing power (Wahlqvist, 2002).  In opposition to high income, low income or low socio-economic status will also influence food choice and consumption as such individuals or households with less income will be likely to choose low prices over food quality.  Thus there is less choice in what foods will be consumed as products will need to be affordable for a low budget.  Healthy foods are often more expensive than convenience foods such as fast foods and may be consumed less because of their price.

Socio-economic status and public health
 The prevalence of diet related illnesses is increasing across both social classes but low income families need most attention from the public health system.  Budgeting assistance and information about cheaper healthy food options are necessary in ensuring that all Australians have the right to healthy, nutritious foods (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).

Advertising is designed to influence particular groups or target audiences and to entice them into purchasing a product by using social “ideals”.  Children tend to be easily susceptible to advertising as they are so impressionable and this becomes particularly dangerous when so much advertising of unhealthy foods is seen on television (Kaye et al 2008).  It is estimated that Australian children between 5-14 years watch on average 20 hours of screen based entertainment per week (Kaye et al, 2008).  Approximately 30% of advertising aired during children’s peak television viewing hours promote food products and of all food product advertising, 50-80% of these promote unhealthy foods (Kaye et al 2008).

“A review of 122 studies showed that food advertising influences what children eat – what they want parents to buy and what they will put in their mouths” (Kaye et al, 2008).  Thus food advertising campaigns affect the way children perceive food and make it hard for the child to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food.  In a current Kellogg’s LCM bar advertisement (seen on channel seven), there are a number of children looking into their lunchboxes with disappointment.  The lunchboxes contain an apple/fruit and a sandwich; a standard child’s school lunch.  The viewer then sees another lunchbox containing an LCM bar.  The layout of the lunchbox is more appealing and colourful and the bar in the lunchbox is described as being “fun”.  All the other children are jealous and so this leaves the viewer (children) feeling like they should be that particular child with the “fun” lunchbox.  It is advertisements like these that can negatively educate and be misleading to children.

Advertising is also often aimed at mothers, as they are usually the purchasers and preparers of food within a household.  This type of advertising plays on convenience factors which may mask nutritional factors (Eg something fun and easy rather than healthy) and is usually shown in a supermarket setting. “If a manufacturer brings a new product to the supermarket, the supermarket can demand that the manufacturer spends a large amount on advertising to ensure the product has satisfactory sales” (Wahlqvist, 2002).  Thus advertising in supermarkets is usually very confronting with posters, free testing sachets etc.

Effects on public health
“Studies have found that frequently advertised unhealthy foods tend to be over consumed and thus disrupts recommended daily intake balance (Chapman et all, 2006).  “Advertising of unhealthy foods to children could be the reason why Australian children do not consume the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables for good health despite some improvements in national and state Go for 2 & 5 campaigns”. (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007). It has also been recognized that younger people consume less fresh produce than older people (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007) and also continue to consume higher than recommended intakes for unhealthy foods (Eg. soft drinks, chips, biscuits and lollies) (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).  Thus in summary, the effects of advertising are impacting public health because of increasing figures of obesity (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007) in young children.  “Obese children have a 25-50% chance of progression to adulthood obesity” and the “high volumes of unhealthy food advertising on television contributes to our “obesity-promoting” environment” (Chapman et al, 2006).  Thus there is a serious need for health promotion to children, which is starting to be done in schools (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).

Research by the Australian Public Health Association shows that “Australians are consuming more foods prepared outside the home with 28% of total food expenditure made on foods from restaurants, cafes, take away and fast food outlets” (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).  The primary reason for this is consumer preference for foods that are convenient and require little or no preparation (Wahlqvist, 2002).  There are an increasing number of Australians working full time which makes convenience foods such as fast foods and prepackaged foods so appealing (Walqvist, 2002).

Lifestyle and Public health
Convenience foods and fast foods and snack foods are (as previously stated) often high in saturated fats, sugars and salt.  The World health organization report stated that a high consumption of energy rich foods (and thus kilojoules) and foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat contribute to non-communicable disease” (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).  The Public Health Association recognizes that it is important to choose foods in and out of home that are both nutritious and affordable” (Public Health Association of Australia, 2007).  Thus changes in lifestyle are having an impact on public health.

I did it for me.

No matter how many people tell you you can't do something.. fuck them.  
You can do it.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Break it down.

An injection of passion and inspiration is always a beautiful thing.  When I feel like that I know something in me has changed, even just a little bit.  Once again my Wednesday morning ranting shall begin.

In my class this morning we weighed, prepared, cooked, assembled foods; calculating what we ourselves would eat in comparison to RDI (recommended daily intakes).  Breaking food down like that makes you really see it for what it is - a fuel source.  You're adding a certain amount of something with a certain percentage of fat/protein etc and with certain vitamins to a certain quantity of another thing and in the end a portion of that final quantity goes inside your body.  That food then breaks down and there is a certain concentration of it circulating in you blood stream, just as a certain concentration will be stored and some extreted.  I love eating and that will never change but seriously think about each little component of the food you eat and what its worth to your body.  Cook your own stuff, use fresh ingredients and use plenty of fruit and veggies!

Currently on ABC radio the director of Food Inc, a new movie out currently showing at Luna palace cinemas.  I am yet to watch it but I am looking forward to it and shall no doubt blog about it.