Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The way we are.

Stuff that makes no sense but comes out of my silly little brain of crazyness...
Is it actually possible for one human being to fully understand the aspirations, the thoughts and the actions of another?  What would happen if the logistical thoughts of every human being could be combined to make one super human?  Would it even be possible for that many arbitrary yet refined thought processes to take place or would it become information over load?

Its funny the way we see things, how each human sees things slightly different but there are shared universal facts that we just accept at face value.  I guess thats the problem - its not in the what but in the why.  How many of us really ponder the why?  My problem is that pondering the why usually becomes too insignificant and never reaches conclusion and it frustrates me, so eventually I just accept.  I don't believe it is possible for us to have a "superior" perception of everything and that is most definitely ok.  Do physisists look at typography and see the shapes of the letters and the hand drawn grids in which it may have been modelled on or is it possible for them to do so but they simply don't have the interest?  After all do we just train our brains to what we are interested in and purely understand it because of that or is it all in the biological mechanisms within us?  On the contrary, I guess it may be possible to have great talent in multiple areas because is evident that mathematics, science, intelligent design and all segregated areas are part of the natural order and somehow interlink anyway.  As long as the time, matter and eukaryotic beings exist, the basis of human interests will exist too.

History would exist because time exists.
Language would exist because greater eukaryotic beings exist.
Mathematics would exist because nature possess mathematical practices and obviously also exists.
Design exists because matter itself exists in a particular space and takes on particular forms.
Science exists also because matter exists, elements exist, space, time, temperate etc exist.

And you know what.. the universe exists because of a so called "big bang" but who will ever really know?


Embrace what you love and question it.  For those questions that you can't answer yourself find answers.  Be prepared not to find answers for everything because we need to accept that some just do not exist to the knowledge of humanity.  Accept what others love and see how it shapes what you love.  You don't always have to understand it but it is interesting to try.  Know that there will be some things you will never be able to make conclusions on but I guess in knowing that you have made a conclusion.  And although you can be critical and analytical of everything to a supid degree, be smart with that power or your brain will probably come out of your ears.

And now I leave you with this...

Even if life does occur more or less inevitably given the right circumstances, does it also inevitably evolve to become more and more complex and, ultimately, achieve intelligence? Is mind written into the structure of the universe? "The essential architecture of multicellular organisms might well be the product of certain mathematical principles of organization". On the one hand we have "the nihilistic philosophy of the pointless universe", while on the other we have "an alternative view, admittedly romantic, but perhaps true nevertheless ... a universe in which the emergence of thinking beings is a fundamental and integral part of the overall scheme of things. A universe in which we are not alone."


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