Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Friday, June 11, 2010

Make this old world new.

I met a girl at a strange time in my life, a time where weird things stopped happening and my stupid pathetic little life somehow started to have a glimmer of hope and meaning.  The year or two leading up to our meeting were the worst in my memory and every second of crap I have now seems nothing in comparison and for that I am glad.  Somehow over the course of two weeks I shared silly little parts of myself with her that I wouldnt have with anyone else.  At that point I found it incredibly hard to confide in people and to an extent I still do.  Although a lot has happened; good and bad and I have learnt lessons, travelled, met people and hardly even seen her when I finally did again, nothing had changed.  I guess its just like that with us... things are always as where we left them last its just we as people are different; more grown up.. more 'experienced'. 

It seems like she has had some bad times since the last time we met and so I hope our new meeting and more regular relationship turns things around.  Maybe its my turn to give her something, the hope and trust that she gave me.  I can't even tell you now why it meant so much but I hope it happens back and she stays happy from now on.

Tonight was a good night - stupid and bummy, yet highly amusing and care free.  I had good company, the best company... an amazing boyfriend and two amazing friends who have found themselves together and make each other happy.  I love how right they are - I really do and I want the beautiful girl involved to know that she doesnt have to give too much, give just enough and I promise he will love you for you; not like all those fucking assholes before.  I hope it works out because its lovely seeing laughter!

Sunday I shall be venturing to freo and booking my tattoo. The design is finished and today Si did a transfer for me and its pretty sweet.

Well i'm off to bed as this week and next week are fucking terrible due to ridiculous exams worth 60% and such but when its all over theres plenty to look forward to.  Goodnight beautiful people and peace out.


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