Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good food = LOVE

My New Love!

Today I discovered my new love - Eden.  It is the most AMAZING salad bar EVER!  It is fantastic for vegetarians/vegans, anyone on a health kick or even those who just want a good sandwich that is a bit of an upgrade from subway quality.  There are a variety of salads and salad fillings as well as cold meats and its all DIY.  Check it out!!!!

If anyone knows any good vegetarian restaurants in Perth please email me so I can blog about them :)

Ohhh by the way.  This is my yummy dinner...nomnomnomnom

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love sushi

I find it really hard to decide on a favourite food.  I adore mexican, I LOVE asian, Italian is
awesome but rather heavy but Japanese is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.  I could eat Japanese everyday for the rest of my life! 

I have a few blog entries that have built up in my brain.  I shall write them up when I'm not watching my secret lover... Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach.

Anyhoo I found these images amusing and thought that you would like to see them for no good reason :)


Friday, February 19, 2010

Poo: Things to know


"I need to pee" is code for - "I need to poo",  " I need to rearrange my tampon",  "I'm drunk
and need to txt everyone I know", "I'm hoping that if I'm in here for too long you'll leave because I don't like you", "I need to go vomit up that cake I just ate".

Ratemypoo.com is only funny until a certain point.

Walking out of an unflushed, broken or smelly toilet cubicle ALWAYS implies that you've done it... and don't lie - you have because if you didn't you would have gone to another one!

Running water whilst pooing (to muffle the sound) is NOT environmentally friendly and is dumb.  I suggest that you find a better strategy.  Some include - lining the toilet with toilet paper and making coughing/sneezing noises.


Farting whilst walking is a good idea except when someone follows you so make up a damn good excuse or walk fast.

Blaming the other person for farting when theres only two of you RARELY works unless they are stupid.  Blame someone else near by.  If there is nobody then say the place smells like something else and/or it was your shoes rubbing together that made a squeaking sound.

Farting and then asking someone "do you smell burning?" is a mean joke.

If you are farting in a room alone make sure nobody else is going to join you or make sure you turn on some fans.

If you feel the need to fart in an awkward sitatuion - improvise!  Some tips are:  Farting whilst at the gym (Press emergency stop on the machine and pretend to fix your shoe), Farting on a date (make a joke, say you ate something that didnt agree with you, blame the waiter), Farting in class (for fucks sake HOLD IT IN).


Assume that all grumpy people are on their period.  Males included.

NEVER wear a white dress/skirt/shorts etc when expecting your period.  That is asking for

Bike shorts and ridiculous clothing is appropriate when you are going on a sleep over and have your period.

When staying at a friend's house, make sure their bin has a toilet and if not ask them where you can dispose of dangerous things.  NEVER put waste in your bag or pocket unless completely necessary.  Forgetting it is there would be a DISASTER.

Do not demand chocolate and magazines from your boyfriend because you have period pain and think you deserve the attention.

Make sure the string is tucked in before going to the beach with a tampon on.

DO NOT wear a pad in the water.  It will float away or absorb water and make you look like you are wearing a nappy.

Period stains happen.  You can make up all the excuses you want as to why your pants have a brown stain on them but everyone already knows your secret!

Super tampons are for old ladies.


NEVER wear a "slim and lift" or body shaper on a date.  It gives a false image and if you end up sleeping with them they will know its a lie.

Make an effort but dont go too overboard.  Girls know that you're not actually going to pull the chair out everytime they go to sit on one.  We know guys wont follow us around on "chair alert" waiting for us to feel the desire to sit down.

Nobody is actually going to judge you on how much you eat.  Don't eat one carrot off your plate and say you're full when you are actually starving!


NEVER wear a "slim and lift" or body shaper when expecting to have sex.  It will be hilarious and ruin the mood.

Having sex on the beach should only ever be done in strict conditions.  Wind+sand+sex=REALLY BAD and you'll regret it.

Using the term "sexual intercourse" will make the other person burst into laughter or run away.

Apply body chocolate and flavoured massage oils carefully and sparingly.  It can get rather daunting if you have to spend 2 hours trying to lick it off.

Having sex on your period is never a good idea.

Girls dont actually like anal sex and know that it feels like taking dumps over and over again.  Porn lies!

ALWAYS be presentable down stairs and have good HYGIENE.  You dont want people to get within a 1 metre radius of your genitals and then bail out your window and off into the sunset.

DO NOT have sex on a squeaky bed whilst other people are in the house.  The floor or standing are both safer alternatives.  Nobody wants to hear!

Do NOT think of inside/personal jokes whilst having sex - EG: if their curtins remind you of your grandma's doilies do your very best to supress it and focus.

If hes got it all wrong to the point where hes hurting you or hes aiming half way down your leg DO suggest something else or physically move his hand/face/penis.

If you get chaffing, laugh about it afterwards because most of the time its usually worth it.

If hes truely terrible fake it so its over quickly but dont fake it too well or he'll think hes doing great and will never try any harder.

Other awkard situations.

Dear men, NEVER use deep heat as lube out of curiosity.  Not only did curiosity kill the cat but it will make your willy catch fire...  ACTUALLY!

If you find something you borrowed from someone 2 years ago, discretely try and hide is somewhere in their room when next at their house (under the bed is good).

When recieving a gift that you already own, make an effort to do your best "wow" face but dont over do it or they'll know.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER shave your eyebrows.

If a friend...or anyone.. has something on their face TELL THEM for fucks sake!  Once a lady at work had spinach in her hair and nobody told her.  They will be more humiliated knowing that nobody said anything.  Same goes with fountation.  Tell someone if they have lines! 

DO NOT spend time thinking too deeply about drunk chats with someone.... just assume that they were as drunk as you at the time and dont remember or pretend that you yourself do not remember.

If a friend owes you money don't be too anal.  I'm sure $30.00 is fine instead of $30.60.  Is the extra 60 cents actually gonna kill you?

When in the supermarket know that IT IS OK to purchase 1 apple.

When at a fast food restaurant and they ask "dine in or take away" nobody actually cares what you do.  If you say take away and then dine in you DO NOT have to take the rubbish away with you so it looks like you are taking the meal away.  Those people get paid $7 an hour so its the least of their worries.

NEVER shout at people out of your car window within 20 metres of a stop sign or traffic light.

Parking the wrong way in a parking lot (eg across 2 bays) is the dumbest thing ever. DONT EVER DO IT.

Telling people that you douche will instantly make you uncool.  Nobody does it.  Do not lavendar douche if you are allergic to lavendar.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny people and period stains.

Laugh Out Loud. (TOO funny silly!)

I suggest that you read my previous blog before getting stuck into this one.  I discussed my favourite Jimmerish fm show, Betty and the beast, and decided to answer yahoo questions for the world to see (I usually sit on my computer like a nerd late at night and hand out stupid advice).  Whilst reading through the questions I came across some particularly funny ones and had to dedicate an entire blog to them.  I almost considered devoting an entire blog to period questions alone!  I cant get enough of them to be honest!!  Please enjoy and DO NOT TAKE ANSWERS SERIOUSLY.  I assure you that these questions are 100% real and because hardly anyone reads my stuff there is no reason for me to lie to you! 

Will my mum think i am gross for this? (women answer only please)?

Well Im on my period right now (I havent just started ive been having it for years im 14) but the blood kind of leaked through the pad over night and now my pants are stained and Im really embarassed. Should i put them in the wash basket for my mum to put in the washing machine or will she think that i am gross for it leaking through.

A: If your mum is a man then yea she will be grossed out.  Every girl will experience Dun dun DUNNNNNNNNNNNN ...period stains!  They are annoying things.  We will go to great lengths whilst on sleep overs to prevent them!  We will make up crazy stories about why we are wearing tight bike shorts to bed or have to visit the toilet  a million times because we want to check that our oversized night pads are still in position.  I myself have even worn 3 pads at once at the tender age of 14 in fear that something dramatic would happen to my bleeding uterus whilst at a sleep over party!!  In conclusion - NO.  She will not think you're weird.  When a women sees a period stain it is a special moment.  They will think back to the time when they got up from a university lecture only to realise RED on their new white skirt.  They will laugh as they think of the times they worried about walking 5 metres from their towel to the water at the beach because they were scared the tampon string was showing.  Period stains are funny.  You are my favourite funny person for the evening!  Thanks for helping me to reminisce about period stains!

When period blood dries should it go brownish?

Whenever my period blood dries on the pad it is a brownish colour, but when i first start my period its red.  Is there something wrong with my blood or is this perfectly normal?
A: Sweet child!  Blood of any kind is brown when dried!  Kill a few more people and see :O

Why do I hate fat people?

I actually can't stand fat people. I mean they are such slobs like for eg Jordin sparks , shes just fat fat fat .  I hate the way they look, the way they eat, the way they breathe (you know, that horrible wheezing, constantly exhausted breathing). I actually sometimes feel a bit sick when I see people like this. Also, I find that fat people lie more than anyone else. "I only eat one meal a day" ARE YOU EATING A TROUGH OF LARD THEN? "Oh I've got a knee injury, I can't exercise" YOU HAVE A KNEE INJURY COX THERE IS A TON OF WEIGHT ON YOUR JOINTS! Why is this? Does anyone feel the same?

A: Dear "Fat hater" - You have some SERIOUS psychological issues.  My theory is that you yourself are terrified of being fat and thus have these crazy ideas about fat people being liars.  Skinny people can also be liars can they not?  We all know that saying you always eat truck loads is probably a lie when you weigh 10 kilos.  Dont go hating.  Im really amused at your post so thanks for making me lol and for being part of my funny people blog :O 

Trying to lose wight but always feel hungry is it ok to snacke on fruits and veggies?

i trained myself not to b hungry all the time and i lost 20 lbs a couple days off track now im back to the way i was and its much harder now to get back on would it b ok to snacke on fruits and veggies when i feel the need to eat?
A: I hate to say it but have you been living under a rock?  I think every single weight loss magazine, TV show and book tells you to snack on fruit and veggies.  Im also annoyed that you misspelt "snack". Thanks.

I want to OVERDOSE? I'm 13 years old.. I'm a girl.. planning on overdosing soon?

I want to overdose? what if I don't WANT to stop self harming?
I was just wondering..

A: I'd hate to make you more depressed but you're not being very discrete about stuff.  Especially because theres a first and last name attached to your post.  You should get help ASAP woman for either depression or attention seeking!!!!!

Why do some guys wear athletic cups in sports but girls do not?

I am just wondering why some guys wear jocks and athletic cups when playing contact sports but girls do not. My boyfriend plays football, hockey, and baseball and he wears one. I’ve asked him why some guys do and he will not tell me!!! Do they even make ones for girls?
A: I dont know about you but I dont have "dangly" bits to worry about.  I assume that you are the same?  Common sense could be the answer here....or sex ed? Guys have balls=babies.  Damage to balls=no babies.  Our baby storage compartments..aka ovaries.. are deep inside and out of harms way.  Yes there is a high nerve concentration externally for us but nothing that really sticks out if you catch my drift.

I have a urine test i smokd bout 1-2 joints a day 4 the past 8 months;will i b ok?

A: No! There will still be BULK THC in your system!

What is douching ? plz help?

A: Google it and then start bringing it back into fashion! Bahahahaha!  May I also suggest "lavendar douching".

How much pubes should you have at 15?

I only ask because I grew a little around 11 and I haven't grown any more since, and I have a friend whose pubes almost reach his navel.
A: Dear 15 year old.  Fear not.  If you are a woman - consider yourself lucky if you havnt developed much of a rug yet.  If you are a male then also consider yourself lucky.  Your junk shall appear bigger amongst less hair right?
Does having your period make you lose weight?
 A: I wish.

What size condom would i wear?

if i am around 8.5 inchs? normal will be ok? i would want to know before i buy them and they not fit
A: Lets rethink the 8.5 inches thing.  Either you are clueless and have crazy genitals or you are just waiting for someone to comment on your size.

Help with guy problem. don't read girls?

Is it normal for your pubic hair to be longer than your penis?
A: I really really really really want to hug you right now.


Doctor, doctor: Sex & Betty

Questions answered.

If you havn't yet visited jimmerish fm, you may wish to take a look and listen to some podcasts.  My personal favourite are Betty and the Beast episodes which can usually be heard live on a Sunday or Monday night.  On this show, the lovely "Betty", a female guest, answers lifestyle, sex and health questions that have been sent in by fans (or randoms or me); obviously assisted by Jim, the "Beast".  Listening to the last few episodes I couldn't help but notice that the Beast and his most recent Betty give rather conservative answers and opinions.  Some my find this nerdy but I find myself often on yahoo answers, answering sex questions posted by 15 year olds.  I spend a lot of time convincing 45 kilogram 12 year olds that they are normal, as well as telling young males that chest hair preference depends on the female.  I think my answers are sometimes bullshit but I do try and chuck in opinions with an open mind. 

I thought in my blog tonight I would venture to a place far far away and try my best to answer questions from young teenage minds...and of course other minds too!  My answers are usually just personal opinion combined with research (in some cases).  Im one of those freaky health nerds that needs to find out stuff.

Why do I need to be constantly eating?

I come home from school (i eat breakfast and something like an apple at school), I eat normal full lunch, but then I'm still hungry. I grab a bag of cookies ... I'm still hungry... I keep eating! I can stop eating but then I need to watch TV or something, but if i want to do my homework I need to eat! I physically need to chew. Why is that?
A:  I'm not entirely sure on the age of this person but here goes.  WHAT do you consider a meal?  What foods make up that meal?  It is highly likely that your meals arnt balance.  Aim for low GI foods so that energy is released more slowly.  All the sugar in that bag of cookies will send you on a high but will not keep you full and you will find yourself peckish.  Eating sweet snacks often makes us crave more sweet snacks to keep our blood sugar at a high level.  Try yoghurt and fruit perhaps (for a sweet tooth) or a boiled egg.  If this seems crappy even peanut butter toast gives you some kind of protein for your body to work with.  Also if you are fixated on eating then all you will want to do is eat.  Try a coffee or something with a bit of substance.

Should I look at his actions or his words?

Whats more important when a guy shows he likes you. If he says one thing and acts another would is the more accurate depiction of how he feels, actions or words?
A: Some guys can be TOTAL charmers with words.  I have an aquaintance who will say almost anything to get his girlfriend into bed/impress her and then cheats on her at any opportunity.  Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes, but it can be really hard to reject the sweet things he says.  In the end you will know inside your heart whether or not he is the real deal and whether he really cares about you.  He WILL show it.  Give him a few chances and if hes not doing it for you then screw it.  Its not ok to be just ok (a statement that was once told to me and has forever stuck in my mind).

Does anal actually feel good?

I tried it, barely went it, it felt like I was about to take a dump
A: I'm sure guys would love to think that the answer is "yes".  Girls - you and I both know that it is definitely not all its cracked up to be.  Pornos tend to make it look so glamerous and sensual for the woman involved but I think its best kept for males.  Anal has its advantages - tighter for the guy and increases sensitivity for female's down stairs; however in itself it feels rather uncomfortable and can ruin the mood.

Are vitamins still good after there best buy date?A: Expired vitamins are usually fine, depending on how old they really are.  If we are talking years then perhaps you should throw them away.  Bottles will have a tight seal and when you open them check if the tablets are all sticking together in a clump.  If so then they may not give you huge benefits.  Use them for up to about 5-6 months after their expirey (my old pharmacist boss says 1 year) so choose.  Dont leave them open for too long, expose them to much heat/light or they will no longer be beneficial.  I also would be careful of liquid capsuals such as fish oils.

What do models eat and what size portions?

Please dont say nothing, or drugs and alcohol. In general what would a 'healthy' model eat?
A: A balanced diet.  I am in love with Miranda Kerr.  I DO NOT worship her but I like her because she and I share many habbits (no I did not steal them).  Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day.  Obviously limit fat and sugar intake and eat a combination of fruit and veg + high protein and low GI foods.  Egg whites are great for breakky.  Avocado, although fatty is good on toast every few days.  Beans.  Try to limit bread intake.  Bread = wasted calories.  Carry around nuts as a quick protein snack.  REMEMBER: Do NOT restrict yourself!  Having a bar of dark chocolate is good.  If you are a big ice cream girl go for soy.  Theres 1.3 grams of fat per 100ml serve and usually about 7g of sugar (you are looking at about 310 calories from memory) so its pretty good + soy = protein!!!!!

When u r having sex how u know that the woman is not faking the orgazam?

A: You will never know dear boy.  Have a look at her afterwards or go read up on how to make sure that you can make her!!

I started running this week and im GAINING weight?!?!?!!?!?

A: What are you eating?  Are you eating more for energy without realising it?  Alternatively muscle weighs more than fat but I'm not sure if you would notice a great deal of muscle in a week.

My boyfriend says a threesome will help our relationship.  Is this true?
This COMPLETELY depends on the circumstances and the people involved.  Many are quick to judge and say it is out of the question but it really does depend.  How long have you been together?  How open are you with each other?  How close are you?  Do you think he is faithful.  Sometimes a threesome can be an experience and other times it can be because he needs an excuse.  The fact that he is using the idea as something that will "help" your relationship concerns me.  Its almost like its a bribe so be careful and also think about how you feel and what the consequences may be.

Why Do I Keep Fainting Help Please?

I keep fainting and im so use to it i know when its going to happen. Ill start to feel sick and then the sound around me is muffled, so i go to lie down and then i pass out and would really like to know why this keeps happening if anyone has any ideas then you would really help me out thanks :D
A. Go and get your blood pressure checked out.  If its low, fainting can be a side effect.  How about your iron levels?  You may be in danger of becoming anemic.  Make sure you get enough iron or take iron supplements.  Another problem may be vision or ear troubles.  Do you have an ear infection or a cold right now?  Are you having problems with your vision?  Ear infections can make us dizzy because of the pressure chages between the middle and outer ear.

Morning after pill. Plan B pill.?

Let's cut to the chase lol!
I had un protected sex with my boyfriend for a minue. He didn't climax inside of me and wasn't even close to it. But I had to make sure. So I went and got the Plan B pill. I got the older version that you have to take two pills. People said you had to take them 12 hours apart. But the girl at the clinic said to just take them both at once. She said to eat a full meal before taking the two pills.
So me being a really stupid person. I got out my meal I was going to eat and forgot I was supposed to eat ALL of it. So I took a few bites from it, then I took the pills.
I freaked out so I ate more of my meal after taking the pills lol!
I'm just wondering, from me doing this, does that mean the pills will not work? Or I might just get a bad side effect or something. I haven't felt any side effects so far.
A: Calm down dude!  As long as you took them both TOGETHER and within 72 hours its all good.  You are told to eat food to help absorption so chill.  If he didnt even go inside you then you're probably fine anyway.  The two pill version isnt necessarily the older version.  The one where you take them apart is the older one. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why would you invent that?

Inventions & products that I dislike.
 35% Juice - I HATE this.  It is by far one of the most stupid products ever.  Why 35%??  Its pretty much cordial with the amount of water and sugar in it.  It tastes like lolly water and it sucks.  I know this is an irrational summary but i REALLY hate 35% juice (or anything below like 95% juice).  Juice is seen as an every day friendly drink but this stuff is like soft drink... RAWR!

Slim N lift - Sorry ladies but you can't fake your body shape and be healthy.  Yeah wearing one of these things may make you look fabulous and give you confidence for a special occassion but reducing your waist by 4 inches by squeezing you CANT be good for your insides.  Your organs would be put under pressure for one.  Ever heard the rule don't dont put pressure on your stomach whilst and after eating?  It disrupts digestion.  Who would want to go on a date wearing a body suit anyway?  What happens when you go home and that person realises its all false?  Seems stupid to me.

New "grip" Coke - You may have seen the new 600ml coke bottle with grip.  Yeah yeah, cool idea but do people really want to pay more for grip on their bottle?  Sure its comfortable to hold but the old bottle is fine as is.  Does coke really need to entice people to purchase their product because it has a new grip bottle?  I guess so.

Canned cheese -  Whilst in America last year I came across some silly products.  Bread rolls in a can, marshmallow in a jar; not to mention about 12 different kinds of each product.  Turns out that choice can be a bad thing sometimes.  Canned cheese is disgusting and because its in a can I'd hate to know what else it has in it.  Naturally curiosity took over and I had to try it.  It was a mustard yellow colour and tasted nothing like cheese but more like plastic!!!

Women's pee mechanism -  Fi told me about this, an item that she saw in Bali.  Apparently you attach it to yourself (women only) and it allows you to pee whilst standing up.  WUT.  We dont have penis's for a reason as unfortunate as it may be can you imagine strapping that thing to you whilst wearing a mini skirt.  It would be a sexy look!

Pop tarts as a breakfast food - If pop tarts were advertised as an afternoon snack I wouldn't mind because they are very tastey.  Most flavours that I came across included chocolate - Chocolate brownie, peanut butter and chocolate etc.  Eating pop tarts for breakfast is crazy.  You may as well eat cake.

Chocolate cheese -  Combining the two just really doesnt work!!!!!!!  I tried this in Wisconsin, USA.  Oh man.. it was weird.

Berocca - I like the taste of berocca.  I also like that it gives me vitamin C but in terms of energy; it hardly gives you any.  The amount of B vitamins is minimal so you may as well buy a $4 bottle of vitamin C instead of $10 for a couple of pellets... unless you like them.  As a product they are pretty silly.

Flavoured water -  I admit that some of them taste ok but they are really misunderstood.  When we think "water" we think "healthy" and "refreshing" etc.  These drinks are anything but that.  Packed with sugar, they leave us dehydrated and sugar attacks our immune system anyway so the nutrient benefits arnt that great.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Generation XXL

I have found my calling - childhood nutrition.  I cant help but worry about the children I see around and in particular my brother and sister; both of which have terrible diets.  I baby sit for children with fantastic diets and I love watching them thrive more each time I see them.  Watch this if you have a spare 45 mins.

Childhood nutrition is EXTREMALLY important.  There is a seven year old kid in the documentary above that weighs 5 kilos less than me and that truely shocks me!  How can parents do this to their children?  "Eat whatever makes you happy"  says one of the mothers to her obese daughter.  Her daughters body weight is 39% fat.  A healthy child of her age should have 15% body fat and anything past 24% is considered almost obese!!!!!!!!!

I'll add more to this blog later and go into more depth about childhood nutrition but for now just watch the link if you are interested.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Appreciating the little things.

I find the greatest pleasure in little things - all the cliche ones such as sunsets, stars, holding hands and baby animals.  However there are hundreds and thousands of things that I adore and that fill me with bliss; too many to obviously mention but I've been sitting here thinking of a few (well more than that) and feel like I need to put them out there.

Grapes.  I'm obviously quite a foody but grapes are a fruit that fascinate me.  I love that they taste good frozen and that they can be made into wine and that they are a great alternative to popcorn when watching a movie.  Although my favourite thing about grapes is that the seedless ones are so convenient and pretty but the ones with pips taste SOOO much better.  Its like they are saying "you go eat your crappy seedless ones and judge us because we are not as convenient but we know we taste more amazing.  My grandfather grows the fattest, most amazing, succulent grapes.  Their sweetness does not taste artificial but more fresh and delicious.  They have pips but the are so satisfying.  The commercial grapes make my tummy hurt after too many because of their sweetness but these are FANTASTIC.

Short films.  I love underground short films - the ones that come with dvds or underground CDs.  The ones that are made by tafe or high school students that may have technical flaws (i love those).  I guess its not ok for commercial movies to have technical flaws because they should have enough money and intelligence to avoid it, but theres something great about freshman films that make them so pleasureable and unique.  Here is one of my favourite short films; if not my favourite of all time.  I think of it every 6 months or so and have an urge to watch it.  I know the words by heart and i wanted to use it for my TEE drama monologue.

Rain on hot evenings.  No matter where I am I will go outside and dance in this kind of rain on these kind of nights.  It doesnt matter what im wearing or where im going; i never care about getting wet when it rains when its hot.

Opening vegemite. I have to be the first to open it.  I need to see its perfect smooth surface and dig my knife in, watching it slowly become tainted.  I love the pop of the seal too.  Instantly satisfying.

Learning.  I get this ridiculous urge to learn.  Sometimes i'll wake up and pull my human biol book onto my lap.  If i have an urge to learn its always about the human body or the universe.  I love reading biographies to gain insight into other peoples experiences.  I love reading scientific papers about light and the big bang theory.  I love to read about bizzare medical conditions.

Wholemeal flour.  I try to never cook with white flour unless the food will be ruined otherwise.  I have this theory that is completely false but i still believe it - that wholemeal flour makes everything healthy.  Obviously it doesnt but still.  I eat cake and all the crap with white flour but i refuse to eat white bread... EVER.  Even cheesymite scrolls need to be wholemeal.  Its so silly.  I hate that subway doesnt have wholemeal bread so i try and get the new multigrain.  Before that it used to really annoy me - even though multigrain isnt much better than white.

Writing on my mirror.  My entire days events are always scribed onto my mirror.  I love making lists on there.  Crossing things off is so satisfying.  I love it when people write notes on my mirror and i leave them there so long that i need to use acertone to get the words off.

Grass.  There is something comforting about spreading out on a patch of grass, in a park or by a lake or anywhere really.  The smell, the texture on my feet.  I love being bear foot on grass so I can feel its coolness.  My ideal chat with someone I love is on grass amongst tranquil natural surroundings whilst they hold me tight!  Im a dreamer i know.

The beach.  The beach is my ultimate happy place.  I spend hours there day dreaming.  I could watch the waves lap against the coast line for a whole day.  I dont know what about that seems so beautiful to me but the combination of colours, the smell of the air and the fact that you cant see land out there excites me.  Apart from Carrie forests, the beach is my soul's bliss.

There are millions more and i will add some extra ones later...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pig intelligence

Pig Intelligence
(Babe is legitimate)
Pigs are my all time favourite farm animal.  I have wanted one for as long as I can remember (along with an elephant for some reason).  This summer a guy brought his pet pig to the beach.  He tried to drink our beer (the pig not the guy).  These animals are way way more intelligent than we give them credit for and have flesh that is very very similar to humans.  Apparently the smell of burning pig flesh is what burning human flesh would smell like.  

Here are some reasons why pigs are intelligent:

This is an awesome wesite -


"Since most people are not that familiar with pigs, you may be surprised to learn that they dream, recognize their names, play video games more effectively than some primates, and lead social lives of a complexity previously observed only in primates.

People who run animal sanctuaries often describe pigs with human characteristics, because they’ve learned that, like humans, pigs enjoy listening to music, playing with soccer balls, and getting massages"

Pigs have been touted as the smartest, and the cleanest domestic animals in the world. The phrases, “sweat like a pig” or “smell like a pig”, may come to mind. But, consider that pigs don’t have sweat glands, and therefore, can’t sweat (except on the very ends of their snouts). The lack of sweat glands means lack of odor - affording no credibility to either statement.
To compensate for the lack of a natural way to bring their body temperature down, pigs seek out water or mud. Pigs rolling in mud may look uncouth, but they are actually being quite smart. The mud not only keeps them cool, but keeps biting pests at bay, and prevents sunburn.

Intelligence research was done with pigs in the 1990s. One of the experiments was to train the pigs to move the cursor on a video screen with their snouts. When the pigs used the cursors again, they were able to distinguish between the scribbles they already knew, and the scribbles they were seeing for the first time. The pigs learned this skill as fast as the chimpanzees.




How cool is this guy...

Here are some pics I took down south this week...

Alice in Wonderland

I may or may not have previously blogged about my obsession with almost every TV series.  I think I have been addicted to Lost (which is now showing season 6 YAY), Family guy, House, Coupling, Seinfeld, Skins, Scrubs, Black books, Extras, Futurama, The Simpsons, South Park, Bewitched, The Big Bang Theory and the list goes on.  I would like to introduce you to another of my visual obsessions - Tim Burton movies.  I ADORE them!  The nightmare before Christmas was one of my favourites but I'm almost certain that it's going to be knocked out by ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!!!!!!!

I'm counting down the days.  March 4th HURRY UP!



As for Lost... you can watch them online.  Juliettes bomb doesnt work, they meet more of the others and Claire has taken over from Rouso!  Been hard to get into but should hopefully have a good ending.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The 411

So I've been in Margs for the past couple of days with Kate and Fi.  We had a good time chilling out.  I've been pretty wrecked for the last two days and I need some bum around time.  Here is my small collection of wines from Down South.  I REALLY need a wine rack so I can add them to my larger collection.

I have allocated drinking dates for most of them:
The happs cab merlot shall be consumed on my 21st birthday
The settlers ridge rose, on valentines day
The others I am yet to decide on!

I've also been wondering if anyone wants to start a book club?  I'm pretty keen.
Anyway I shall write a more interesting blog in the near future...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Signs of the warning kind.

Digestive Problems
If you find that your tongue has an unpleasant white coating it could be due to digestive problems.  Cracks in one's tongue is also a sign of dehydration.  Go check your tongue out!!  Also assess how many times a day or week you need to "excrete" aka No. 2's.  A healthy person should poop 1-2 times a day!  If this isnt happening for you - MORE FIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fruit and veg, whole grains or even a suppliment like metamucil are all good options!

Liver damage
Eyes are very beautiful and very mysterious.  Experts believe that they can show us things about our current and past health status.  Nutritionists like to look at the scelera to check its clarity and colour.  Whiteness is generally a good sign but yellow tones and redness can mean liver damage or obviously fatigue. 

Check out this pic!!

Do you pee ALOT?  Drink lots but are always thirsty?  Do you have mood swings?  Tiredness?  You may have...dun dun dun...diabetes!  If you have too much fat and sugar in your diet you are at risk.  Family history also significantly increases your chances. 

Intolerances (not allergies)
Allergies are severe immediate reactions to something where as intollerances can take hours or even days to show their effects!  Food intolerances cause:
- Bloating
- Tiredness
- Liver damage
(amongst other things).

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or constipation get a food intollerance and allergy test!

Fungal infections
The state of our nails can show signs of present fungus.  A build up of yeast can also cause a discharge (known as candida or thrush) from the vagina which is also a sign of fungus.  A white tongue coating is another sign of a fungal yeast infection.

Go red!


Red wine is my new found love.  I discovered her (I refer to wine as a her because female characteristics are so much more appealing than male) last September whilst on a wine tour.  Prior to that ocassion I had only a small liking to red wine in the right circumstances but since then I have been overwelmed by Red's aroma, body and texture and my pallet craves the taste.

So whats the deal with red wine??  Is it bad for us?  Should we steer away from alcohol to be healthy?  According to "Whats good for you", "Diet doctors" and my nutrition dictionary (that can be found in a previous blog), as well as many other sources, red wine IS GOOD.  Moderate drinkers are generally much healthier than those who binge (duhrrrrrr) but also those who choose not to drink.  So why is this?

"Many studies investigated the benefits of red wine suggested that moderate amount of red wine (one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men) lowers the risk of heart attack for people in middle age by ~ 30 to 50 percent. It is also suggested that alcohol such as red wine may prevent additional heart attacks if you have already suffered from one. Other studies also indicated that red wine can raise HDL cholesterol (the Good cholesterol) and prevent LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) from forming. Red wine may help prevent blood clots and reduce the blood vessel damage caused by fat deposits. Indeed, studies showed that people from the Mediterranean region who regularly drank red wine have lower risks of heart disease".

Obviously red wine is filled with antioxidants which unfortunately white wine lacks because they are found in the grape's skin.  It also contains phenolic constituents, particularly resveratrol and the flavonoids.

So drink red... because its fantastic! :P

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Falling Slowly.

My blogs have been rubbish lately and unfortunately heres another one.  The passion for writing about "serious" issues is still there... it was only today I was considering writing about 4chan but this seemed way more necessary.  So here goes - I'm in love with Glen Hansard.  I don't know if its because hes irish, has a great voice and/or is gorgeous.  The Irish thing is the most likely reason.  This is my all time favourite song by him - its in the movie "Once" so if you've seen it you may recognise it!  

Falling slowly
I don't know you
But I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me
And always fool me
And I can't react
And games that never amount
To more than they're meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You'll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I'm painted black
You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We've still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you had a choice
You've made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I'll sing along


Monday, February 01, 2010

I didn't know it at fifteen.

I know its rather lame of me to quote a song for 12 year old teenage girls but I must admit that Taylor Swift is definitely one of the most beautiful girls ever and appears to be rather down to earth in her video blogs (yes yes I have watched some of them).

This is a bit of a tribute to those who made up my younger years.  I found a whole bunch of photos on an old USB and heard this song when my little sister was playing it and it seemed so true.  I remember when you thought life was always going to stay the same and you didnt realise what your true dreams were.  Hehe :)