Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Monday, February 15, 2010

Appreciating the little things.

I find the greatest pleasure in little things - all the cliche ones such as sunsets, stars, holding hands and baby animals.  However there are hundreds and thousands of things that I adore and that fill me with bliss; too many to obviously mention but I've been sitting here thinking of a few (well more than that) and feel like I need to put them out there.

Grapes.  I'm obviously quite a foody but grapes are a fruit that fascinate me.  I love that they taste good frozen and that they can be made into wine and that they are a great alternative to popcorn when watching a movie.  Although my favourite thing about grapes is that the seedless ones are so convenient and pretty but the ones with pips taste SOOO much better.  Its like they are saying "you go eat your crappy seedless ones and judge us because we are not as convenient but we know we taste more amazing.  My grandfather grows the fattest, most amazing, succulent grapes.  Their sweetness does not taste artificial but more fresh and delicious.  They have pips but the are so satisfying.  The commercial grapes make my tummy hurt after too many because of their sweetness but these are FANTASTIC.

Short films.  I love underground short films - the ones that come with dvds or underground CDs.  The ones that are made by tafe or high school students that may have technical flaws (i love those).  I guess its not ok for commercial movies to have technical flaws because they should have enough money and intelligence to avoid it, but theres something great about freshman films that make them so pleasureable and unique.  Here is one of my favourite short films; if not my favourite of all time.  I think of it every 6 months or so and have an urge to watch it.  I know the words by heart and i wanted to use it for my TEE drama monologue.

Rain on hot evenings.  No matter where I am I will go outside and dance in this kind of rain on these kind of nights.  It doesnt matter what im wearing or where im going; i never care about getting wet when it rains when its hot.

Opening vegemite. I have to be the first to open it.  I need to see its perfect smooth surface and dig my knife in, watching it slowly become tainted.  I love the pop of the seal too.  Instantly satisfying.

Learning.  I get this ridiculous urge to learn.  Sometimes i'll wake up and pull my human biol book onto my lap.  If i have an urge to learn its always about the human body or the universe.  I love reading biographies to gain insight into other peoples experiences.  I love reading scientific papers about light and the big bang theory.  I love to read about bizzare medical conditions.

Wholemeal flour.  I try to never cook with white flour unless the food will be ruined otherwise.  I have this theory that is completely false but i still believe it - that wholemeal flour makes everything healthy.  Obviously it doesnt but still.  I eat cake and all the crap with white flour but i refuse to eat white bread... EVER.  Even cheesymite scrolls need to be wholemeal.  Its so silly.  I hate that subway doesnt have wholemeal bread so i try and get the new multigrain.  Before that it used to really annoy me - even though multigrain isnt much better than white.

Writing on my mirror.  My entire days events are always scribed onto my mirror.  I love making lists on there.  Crossing things off is so satisfying.  I love it when people write notes on my mirror and i leave them there so long that i need to use acertone to get the words off.

Grass.  There is something comforting about spreading out on a patch of grass, in a park or by a lake or anywhere really.  The smell, the texture on my feet.  I love being bear foot on grass so I can feel its coolness.  My ideal chat with someone I love is on grass amongst tranquil natural surroundings whilst they hold me tight!  Im a dreamer i know.

The beach.  The beach is my ultimate happy place.  I spend hours there day dreaming.  I could watch the waves lap against the coast line for a whole day.  I dont know what about that seems so beautiful to me but the combination of colours, the smell of the air and the fact that you cant see land out there excites me.  Apart from Carrie forests, the beach is my soul's bliss.

There are millions more and i will add some extra ones later...


Kate said...

if you ever want to see that TRY video in good quality i have it on dvd
i'm pretty sure i showed simon it who showed you...but i could beee wrong
but just ask if you want to borrow

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