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-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why would you invent that?

Inventions & products that I dislike.
 35% Juice - I HATE this.  It is by far one of the most stupid products ever.  Why 35%??  Its pretty much cordial with the amount of water and sugar in it.  It tastes like lolly water and it sucks.  I know this is an irrational summary but i REALLY hate 35% juice (or anything below like 95% juice).  Juice is seen as an every day friendly drink but this stuff is like soft drink... RAWR!

Slim N lift - Sorry ladies but you can't fake your body shape and be healthy.  Yeah wearing one of these things may make you look fabulous and give you confidence for a special occassion but reducing your waist by 4 inches by squeezing you CANT be good for your insides.  Your organs would be put under pressure for one.  Ever heard the rule don't dont put pressure on your stomach whilst and after eating?  It disrupts digestion.  Who would want to go on a date wearing a body suit anyway?  What happens when you go home and that person realises its all false?  Seems stupid to me.

New "grip" Coke - You may have seen the new 600ml coke bottle with grip.  Yeah yeah, cool idea but do people really want to pay more for grip on their bottle?  Sure its comfortable to hold but the old bottle is fine as is.  Does coke really need to entice people to purchase their product because it has a new grip bottle?  I guess so.

Canned cheese -  Whilst in America last year I came across some silly products.  Bread rolls in a can, marshmallow in a jar; not to mention about 12 different kinds of each product.  Turns out that choice can be a bad thing sometimes.  Canned cheese is disgusting and because its in a can I'd hate to know what else it has in it.  Naturally curiosity took over and I had to try it.  It was a mustard yellow colour and tasted nothing like cheese but more like plastic!!!

Women's pee mechanism -  Fi told me about this, an item that she saw in Bali.  Apparently you attach it to yourself (women only) and it allows you to pee whilst standing up.  WUT.  We dont have penis's for a reason as unfortunate as it may be can you imagine strapping that thing to you whilst wearing a mini skirt.  It would be a sexy look!

Pop tarts as a breakfast food - If pop tarts were advertised as an afternoon snack I wouldn't mind because they are very tastey.  Most flavours that I came across included chocolate - Chocolate brownie, peanut butter and chocolate etc.  Eating pop tarts for breakfast is crazy.  You may as well eat cake.

Chocolate cheese -  Combining the two just really doesnt work!!!!!!!  I tried this in Wisconsin, USA.  Oh man.. it was weird.

Berocca - I like the taste of berocca.  I also like that it gives me vitamin C but in terms of energy; it hardly gives you any.  The amount of B vitamins is minimal so you may as well buy a $4 bottle of vitamin C instead of $10 for a couple of pellets... unless you like them.  As a product they are pretty silly.

Flavoured water -  I admit that some of them taste ok but they are really misunderstood.  When we think "water" we think "healthy" and "refreshing" etc.  These drinks are anything but that.  Packed with sugar, they leave us dehydrated and sugar attacks our immune system anyway so the nutrient benefits arnt that great.



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