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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Signs of the warning kind.

Digestive Problems
If you find that your tongue has an unpleasant white coating it could be due to digestive problems.  Cracks in one's tongue is also a sign of dehydration.  Go check your tongue out!!  Also assess how many times a day or week you need to "excrete" aka No. 2's.  A healthy person should poop 1-2 times a day!  If this isnt happening for you - MORE FIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fruit and veg, whole grains or even a suppliment like metamucil are all good options!

Liver damage
Eyes are very beautiful and very mysterious.  Experts believe that they can show us things about our current and past health status.  Nutritionists like to look at the scelera to check its clarity and colour.  Whiteness is generally a good sign but yellow tones and redness can mean liver damage or obviously fatigue. 

Check out this pic!!

Do you pee ALOT?  Drink lots but are always thirsty?  Do you have mood swings?  Tiredness?  You may have...dun dun dun...diabetes!  If you have too much fat and sugar in your diet you are at risk.  Family history also significantly increases your chances. 

Intolerances (not allergies)
Allergies are severe immediate reactions to something where as intollerances can take hours or even days to show their effects!  Food intolerances cause:
- Bloating
- Tiredness
- Liver damage
(amongst other things).

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or constipation get a food intollerance and allergy test!

Fungal infections
The state of our nails can show signs of present fungus.  A build up of yeast can also cause a discharge (known as candida or thrush) from the vagina which is also a sign of fungus.  A white tongue coating is another sign of a fungal yeast infection.


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