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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctor, doctor: Sex & Betty

Questions answered.

If you havn't yet visited jimmerish fm, you may wish to take a look and listen to some podcasts.  My personal favourite are Betty and the Beast episodes which can usually be heard live on a Sunday or Monday night.  On this show, the lovely "Betty", a female guest, answers lifestyle, sex and health questions that have been sent in by fans (or randoms or me); obviously assisted by Jim, the "Beast".  Listening to the last few episodes I couldn't help but notice that the Beast and his most recent Betty give rather conservative answers and opinions.  Some my find this nerdy but I find myself often on yahoo answers, answering sex questions posted by 15 year olds.  I spend a lot of time convincing 45 kilogram 12 year olds that they are normal, as well as telling young males that chest hair preference depends on the female.  I think my answers are sometimes bullshit but I do try and chuck in opinions with an open mind. 

I thought in my blog tonight I would venture to a place far far away and try my best to answer questions from young teenage minds...and of course other minds too!  My answers are usually just personal opinion combined with research (in some cases).  Im one of those freaky health nerds that needs to find out stuff.

Why do I need to be constantly eating?

I come home from school (i eat breakfast and something like an apple at school), I eat normal full lunch, but then I'm still hungry. I grab a bag of cookies ... I'm still hungry... I keep eating! I can stop eating but then I need to watch TV or something, but if i want to do my homework I need to eat! I physically need to chew. Why is that?
A:  I'm not entirely sure on the age of this person but here goes.  WHAT do you consider a meal?  What foods make up that meal?  It is highly likely that your meals arnt balance.  Aim for low GI foods so that energy is released more slowly.  All the sugar in that bag of cookies will send you on a high but will not keep you full and you will find yourself peckish.  Eating sweet snacks often makes us crave more sweet snacks to keep our blood sugar at a high level.  Try yoghurt and fruit perhaps (for a sweet tooth) or a boiled egg.  If this seems crappy even peanut butter toast gives you some kind of protein for your body to work with.  Also if you are fixated on eating then all you will want to do is eat.  Try a coffee or something with a bit of substance.

Should I look at his actions or his words?

Whats more important when a guy shows he likes you. If he says one thing and acts another would is the more accurate depiction of how he feels, actions or words?
A: Some guys can be TOTAL charmers with words.  I have an aquaintance who will say almost anything to get his girlfriend into bed/impress her and then cheats on her at any opportunity.  Actions speak louder than words as the saying goes, but it can be really hard to reject the sweet things he says.  In the end you will know inside your heart whether or not he is the real deal and whether he really cares about you.  He WILL show it.  Give him a few chances and if hes not doing it for you then screw it.  Its not ok to be just ok (a statement that was once told to me and has forever stuck in my mind).

Does anal actually feel good?

I tried it, barely went it, it felt like I was about to take a dump
A: I'm sure guys would love to think that the answer is "yes".  Girls - you and I both know that it is definitely not all its cracked up to be.  Pornos tend to make it look so glamerous and sensual for the woman involved but I think its best kept for males.  Anal has its advantages - tighter for the guy and increases sensitivity for female's down stairs; however in itself it feels rather uncomfortable and can ruin the mood.

Are vitamins still good after there best buy date?A: Expired vitamins are usually fine, depending on how old they really are.  If we are talking years then perhaps you should throw them away.  Bottles will have a tight seal and when you open them check if the tablets are all sticking together in a clump.  If so then they may not give you huge benefits.  Use them for up to about 5-6 months after their expirey (my old pharmacist boss says 1 year) so choose.  Dont leave them open for too long, expose them to much heat/light or they will no longer be beneficial.  I also would be careful of liquid capsuals such as fish oils.

What do models eat and what size portions?

Please dont say nothing, or drugs and alcohol. In general what would a 'healthy' model eat?
A: A balanced diet.  I am in love with Miranda Kerr.  I DO NOT worship her but I like her because she and I share many habbits (no I did not steal them).  Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day.  Obviously limit fat and sugar intake and eat a combination of fruit and veg + high protein and low GI foods.  Egg whites are great for breakky.  Avocado, although fatty is good on toast every few days.  Beans.  Try to limit bread intake.  Bread = wasted calories.  Carry around nuts as a quick protein snack.  REMEMBER: Do NOT restrict yourself!  Having a bar of dark chocolate is good.  If you are a big ice cream girl go for soy.  Theres 1.3 grams of fat per 100ml serve and usually about 7g of sugar (you are looking at about 310 calories from memory) so its pretty good + soy = protein!!!!!

When u r having sex how u know that the woman is not faking the orgazam?

A: You will never know dear boy.  Have a look at her afterwards or go read up on how to make sure that you can make her!!

I started running this week and im GAINING weight?!?!?!!?!?

A: What are you eating?  Are you eating more for energy without realising it?  Alternatively muscle weighs more than fat but I'm not sure if you would notice a great deal of muscle in a week.

My boyfriend says a threesome will help our relationship.  Is this true?
This COMPLETELY depends on the circumstances and the people involved.  Many are quick to judge and say it is out of the question but it really does depend.  How long have you been together?  How open are you with each other?  How close are you?  Do you think he is faithful.  Sometimes a threesome can be an experience and other times it can be because he needs an excuse.  The fact that he is using the idea as something that will "help" your relationship concerns me.  Its almost like its a bribe so be careful and also think about how you feel and what the consequences may be.

Why Do I Keep Fainting Help Please?

I keep fainting and im so use to it i know when its going to happen. Ill start to feel sick and then the sound around me is muffled, so i go to lie down and then i pass out and would really like to know why this keeps happening if anyone has any ideas then you would really help me out thanks :D
A. Go and get your blood pressure checked out.  If its low, fainting can be a side effect.  How about your iron levels?  You may be in danger of becoming anemic.  Make sure you get enough iron or take iron supplements.  Another problem may be vision or ear troubles.  Do you have an ear infection or a cold right now?  Are you having problems with your vision?  Ear infections can make us dizzy because of the pressure chages between the middle and outer ear.

Morning after pill. Plan B pill.?

Let's cut to the chase lol!
I had un protected sex with my boyfriend for a minue. He didn't climax inside of me and wasn't even close to it. But I had to make sure. So I went and got the Plan B pill. I got the older version that you have to take two pills. People said you had to take them 12 hours apart. But the girl at the clinic said to just take them both at once. She said to eat a full meal before taking the two pills.
So me being a really stupid person. I got out my meal I was going to eat and forgot I was supposed to eat ALL of it. So I took a few bites from it, then I took the pills.
I freaked out so I ate more of my meal after taking the pills lol!
I'm just wondering, from me doing this, does that mean the pills will not work? Or I might just get a bad side effect or something. I haven't felt any side effects so far.
A: Calm down dude!  As long as you took them both TOGETHER and within 72 hours its all good.  You are told to eat food to help absorption so chill.  If he didnt even go inside you then you're probably fine anyway.  The two pill version isnt necessarily the older version.  The one where you take them apart is the older one. 


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