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-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So we haven't spoken in a while - yes I've been slack and no, I don't have anything very intresting to discuss in this blog but it doesn't mean that I won't still write one.  This is my scribble space after all. 

[Current events]


I'm back and Uni and yes I am loving my course! HOWEVER, I must say that I am carefully considering my options.  As the saying goes "If I fail at Curtin there's still Murdoch and ECU".  My point is what if Curtin fails?  I love my uni but I must say its in my bad books at the moment so here's what I have to say:

- PARKING GUYS... there are at least 12 spots left in the carpark you are telling me not to go in to!  Quit sending me to the over-flow car park because its a 15 minute walk away in a forest in the dirt and makes me late for class because I'm not organised.

- Parking permits (yes that department is totally in my good books).... are CRAZY EXPENSIVE and have gone up by $50 since last year. WTF?!?!

- Since when did people start wearing heels to uni?  If you love it, so be it... but seriously - its SO impractical and I just want to drag you into one of my labs and watch the teacher humiliate you!!!!!!! .... in a nice way of course!

Rage = complete. Thanks for listening.


Yes, yes its a "bitch and moan" session here today but since when did people get such stupid tattoos?  When did guys decide that its cool to ditch stuff into the mosh pit because its funny and SINCE WHEN was it cool to grab 7 of your mates and climb the SOUND TENT that houses all the equipment to make the stage stuff work?!?!?! ...smart move!

Here are my top 10 "No No's" for music fesivals:

1. DO NOT try and wet a girl in a tight white singlet with your water bottle.  Yes that was me.  I was innocently trying to fill my water bottle when I became someone's spray victim and the smile on their face didn't please me AT ALL. 

2.  DO NOT wear a fluffy bear suit, full body costume or lycra/spandex out fit of any kind.  Its summer and you will pass out AND DIE!

3.  DO NOT consume excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol before entering the venue at around 2-3pm.  If you can't stand or fall over and start frothing at the mouth you have just wasted $140 and you are a total douche for doing so.

4.  DO NOT rely on the fact that your friends are going and thus you will definitely bump into them there.  Take your phone because otherwise you'll be sitting in a corner crying or going up to total randoms and trying to make friends with them.

5.  DO NOT consume the food.  It will kill you! Thats right- DEAD!  I'm serious!

6. DO NOT get to the headlining band's stage as they begin to play and try and force your way to the front.  You will get so smashed up and once again, you will DIE!!!!!!!

7.  DO NOT be the first to jump the fence.  You will most likely fall on something or get chased while your mates get in... otherwise you will run into the mosh for safety and they will get caught and then you will be alone.  If you have really bad friends they may not even come in with you and are just encourgaing you to go for a laugh and they will then pull out their tickets and proceed to the gates to enter safely.

8.  DO NOT forget to wear sunscreen.  You'll get cancer and... yep..yep..wait for it... DIE!

9.  GOTHS.. leave the look at home for ONE DAY because you'll get heat stroke in your dark, heavy, HOT clothes and will get a free ambulance ride out of the place.  Please please please.

10.  DO NOT pretend to be hell into a band when you are not and stand next to some really enthusiastic obsessive fan of theirs in the mosh pit.  If the band tells you to sing and you don't know the words, you'll get punched in the face!

[Current Pros]
 I know I complain a lot but I do have current pros :)

- Going to Thailand in June.

- May have the job of my dreams soon at a HEALTH FOOD STORE...i hope as they emailed me back.

- Uni course is sweet....for now.  Mind you it is day 3 of the academic calendar.

- Planning city to surf and am finally getting a little fitter.

- Just made THE BEST wholemeal mini cheese and herd + cheese and vegemite rolls for uni tomorrow!

- I am lucky to have a few great people to share my time and thoughts with.

- I am slightly more tanned than usual.
- I saw a cool movie last night.  Go see Shuttle Island.

- ALICE IN WONDERLAND IS OFFICIALLY OUT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......and everyong better go tomorrow so its empty when i go ^^.

- I have an awesome giant pot of green tea.. also a con.

[Current Cons]

- I drink too much water... so much that its bad for me.  I drink 3 litres of water a day easily and
thus, I pee constantly and am in desperate need of electrolytes.  No I do not have diabetes, a urinary tract infection or an STD... I simply like tea, water and diet coke too much.
Current summary of thoughts and suggestions to readers:

To be continued...


Kate said...

meeting randoms at events when you lose your friends can be the funnest times ever ^-^

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