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Friday, March 05, 2010

Diets & diet.

Diets don't work...but diet does!

Diets.  There are HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of them.  Do they work?  Sometimes.  Are they good for you?  Maybe, but in most cases no way!  Most of the time they ulliminate really important foods and food groups from a person's diet and leave us feeling more crap than we did before we went on them!  OH WOW - Beyonce lost 2 dress sizes (according to the almighty and probably bullshitting INTERNET) in 2 weeks by following this diet:

What you will need:
250ml hot water
2 teaspoons of maple syrup
2 teaspoons of chilli power or some sort of hot power

MIX... drink 3 times a day for two weeks and DO NOT consume anything else.

WHAT?!?  Do people actually care about their health or just the way they look?  Are people soooooooooooooo afraid of being fat that they dont care about being healthy?  According to a book I read by one of the biggest loser trainers - Fat but fit people will live a lot longer than skinny and unfit people.  Who would you rather be?  The fatter person or the skinner person?  The answer is you can have both and everyone, EVERYONE knows that it is all about BALANCE.

The sad thing is that mental health steps in and this can be how eating disorders happen.  I will write a blog soon about the mentality of a person with an eating disorder as it is really interesting and also quite sad.  Fear of fat is something that really eats away at people.  Most girls think about it numerous times, everyday, every time they eat, every time they look in the mirror.  If you can't look in the mirror and cope with what you see then you need to find a way around it.  Every minute you spend looking at your muffin top, "rib cage fat" and cellulite i

[Take control]

READ "Diets dont work"! By Dr Ross Walker.  Great book.  Also Read "Whats good for you - diet and weight loss special" by Grace Johnston and "Whats in this stuff" by Pat Thomas.  All fantastic reads!

Don't listen to your Wii fit.  Its stupid.  Cool idea and fun.  It can strengthen and help co-ordination but the body tests are innacurate and crap!
EAT!!!!!!  Balanced, regular meals!  Do not drink diet shakes, take these fucked up diet pills or deprive yourself of all bad food.  Choose the "naughty" foods that are less naughty than the rest.  Have some lollies as most arnt high in fat.  You will feel shitter or binge later if you reject everything!!!  Your body responds to sugars in the same way - the difference between eating fruit and table sugar (apart from chemical structure and such) is that one has nutrients and is natural.  Even excessive fruit intake can cause you to have blood sugar imbalances!

Wait 10 minutes and if you still want that cake think long and hard and if you get it eat it SLOWLY because chances are you wont finish it.

Keep a food diary. It really really puts things into perspective and helps you see what you are doing wrong.

Read food labels.  Look at sugar, sodium, saturated fat and energy content.

Ditch artificial sweeteners... if you can.  Yeah they may save you calories but they increase your appetite for sweet things!  Artificial sweeteners are 10 TIMES SWEETER than sugar, which is GROSS.  Over coming sugar addiction is all about training your taste buds and altering your habbits.  Train your taste buds to like coffee WITHOUT a sweetness to it.  Aside from this, artificial sweeteners are ARTIFICIAL (believe it or not).  Their chemical structure is dangerous.  If you look at moleclues that make up the substance you'll see that it contains excessive chlorine and other things that our body is simply not meant to injest.  I am a hypocrite if I say don't ever, ever have them as I love my diet coke but I definitely do not rely on them.

Don't ever follow celebrity diets unless its Miranda Kerr's (she is FANTASTIC and knows a crap load about diet and exercise as she also studied nutrition). 

Avoid sports drinks unless you need them  Powerade contains so much sodium that its not even funny.  Drinks like that are designed to help your body when it loses electrolytes and salt.

Make smart swaps.  Did you know that eating two mini pork pies is equivalent to eating 5-6 mini pasties?  Swap foods higher in nutrients and lower in the bad stuff! 
Have 100% juice and not 35% (my biggest hate). 
Have museli and not corn flakes (man soooo much sodium in those too). 
Eat lupin bread instead of regular bread.  Its half the calories and no gluten or processed wheat.
Olive oil instead of vegetable oil! VEGETABLE OIL IS EVIL! ... hydrogenated especially. Extra H+ is added to change its state! Ewwey!
Have sparkling water with lemon instead of a sugary fizzy drink.
Rice crackers or pop corn instead of chips.
Baked beans instead of tinned spaghetti.
Its easy. Do it now!

Dont be a "bad" vegetarian or "bad" carnivore!
Vegetarians - get your protein and nutrients (esp. iron)!
Carnivores - get your fibre and nutrients!

Studies suggest that vegetarians live longer because of lower cholestrol and saturated fat intake = less heart disease, stroke etc + more nutrients and most veggies consume enough iron and stufffff too!
Also - flossing your teeth supposedly adds 5 years to your life according to a pamphlet I read at the dentist... im yet to be convinced.

I apologise for the crapness of this blog but I'm currently researching about the mental state of people with eating disorders and shall share later!


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