Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Student's life.

So i'm back at uni and have been observing all the crazy new comers.  There are many trends I have noticed and I found them rather funny.  Please note that they are all very judgemental and stereotypical and do not take everything I'm say literally.  Let it amuse you:

Everyone knows:

- The person sniffing in the library that wont blow their nose or doesnt have a tissue is the most annoying person in the entire world whilst trying to study!

- Travelling in packs makes you look like you are not a complete nerd and have at least some social life!

- 3x700ml vodka bottles and 24 cans of red bull is THE BEST prize for a fundraising raffle ever known in history!

- Nobody looks good in their Student ID photo.

- Screw weetbix.  Mi Goreng is the budget version breakfast of champions.

- Caffinated beverages are like petrol and without them you will break down and fail your entire course.

- Vending machines are friends (at ecu you can get hot chips out of a vending machine and that makes me cry).

- Someone with 5 parking permit stickers on their window thinks they are showing the world how smart they are when we are all really thinking about how many years they have been at uni and are laughing...or getting depressed about how long we will be there!

- Food is the number 1 way to procrastinate!

- Free stuff and cheap stuff is AWESOME and we WANT IT.. no matter what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Nobody actually studies when they have a two hour break....centrelink, the Tav and anywhere where social event tickets can be purchased are places far more important than the library.

- Every lecturer will tell you that their unit/subject is the most amazing thing in the entire world and everyone should know about it.

- There are some funny clubs out there!!!!!!!!!


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