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Friday, March 05, 2010

Good ideas.

There are many MANY things that seem like a good idea at the time and then after doing them you know that you will never ever EVER in your right mind do them again.  You know how Britney shaved her head?  Yeh its like that!

Good ideas gone bad:
(As you can see I'm very into lists:

- Cutting the back of your hair to have a "spiked" / "cool" effect.  You will end up looking like someone that got their hair stuck in a lawn mower or just managed to get a rabi hat off that had been permanently glued to their head for 10 years.

- Going to sizzler.  Theres so much awesome shit and you feel like you need to get your moneys worth and mix all the soft drinks together and have corn chips and ice cream together.  Until it happens - you pop.  The mixture of food in your stressed out stomach is forcing its way up your esophagus!!!!!

- Jumping the fence at a music festival.  I have discussed this before.  You either get fucked over and chased and your mates are ok or you are a loner and your mates get fucked over.

- Shopping trolley races.  I did this on the path next to the claremont show grounds.  The person pushing me couldnt keep up and I got rather injured.

- Trying to prove to someone that you can drink 4 goon bags.  Self explainatory.

- Trying to pee out of a caravan window.  Ok, ok.  I was drunk AND I was sleep walking and I thought the window was the door.  I got woken up before I actually pissed but i stood on the bed side table and undid my pants all ready.  Mannnn that was a bad night.

- Getting a tattoo whilst on something.  I have heard of this occuring to people in Bali, mainly because I'm pretty sure Aussie tattoo artists care about these things more.  A friend of mine considered getting "cheers" tattooed on his arm whilst drunk with friends and another guy got "Hakuna Matata" tattooed on his ass in bali.  Oh lord.

- Breaking into your house.  You become desperate because you know that being inside watching TV is a billion times better than sitting in your front garden waiting for someone to get home.  I have heard of broken windows, broken bones, numerous injuries and someone falling through their roof.

- Sitting on a log/wall/fence/table whilst binge drinking.  You will fall backwards and pass out and people will walk on you!!!!

- Driving a golf cart through the more... dense... areas in a golf course.  $2000 later you will be rethinking it.

- Vodka melons.  Dont ever do this either.  In fact - dont drink vodka.. or better still.. NEVER DRINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued...

These people totally understand what its like:


Kate said...

just don't sit on logs full stop, leads to bad times, man.

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