Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A giant load of ramble.

So I hear that we should never take things as face value, that we should "Question everything".  
But if this is so then do we lose touch with reality?
Do we believe everything is a conspiracy theory?
Will we be blind to the earth's goodness?

Let me tell you a little something about the earth - Yes we are ruining it.  The earth never wanted us, the billions and billions of us that grow in number each day.  Hence "natural selection".  Is it inhumane to think that not everyone should exist?  Was it the destiny of mankind to discover new technologies to help us live longer or are we cheating the system?  We are taught equality but should we be selfish?  Is it in our nature to favour particular races, particular people, particular places/plants/animals/activities?  Have we removed basic animal instincts that help us differentiate or are we making way for a better future?

To be honest, I doubt the world will be able to keep us for as long as we think.  Fossil fuels will run dry, fresh water will become more precious and minerals will become scarce to the point where we will have fucked ourselves up.  But do you know what?  The world doesn't care.  Earth as a planet will still be able to sustain itself one way or another, whether we are inhabiting it or not.  Somehow nature will run its course.  If you really think about how over populated the earth has become

May I add, just because I'm discussing this, doesn't mean its all true.  I think that equality is a good thing.  I think every human being brought onto this earth has a right but I dont really think that every person should exist here in the first place.  Yes natural selection is being overcome because our emotions can't deal with loss, loneliness, lack of empathy or inconvenient disruptions.  Its no longer just about survival, but in a way it is.  We want more than just survival; we want as much as we can get and you know what shits me.. some people have SO FUCKING MUCH - so many opportunities, so much support and they throw it away.  They are the ones with the most potential to survive and live well but they totally blow it, fucking up their minds and bodies.  For those of you that think I am drawing conclusions way too easily, I may be but do not think that I am being irrational.  If you are given opportunities TAKE THEM or else there is no point in your existence.  Leaching off society is useless.

This whole point is really significant when it comes to nutrition.  Western societies are favoured when it comes to good nutrition.  So why are we getting CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES?  WHY ARE WE HAVING STROKES? WHY WILL THE CURRENT GENERATION LIVE SHORTER LIVES THAN THEIR PARENTS?  Maybe its fate.  Maybe its the consequences of coming too far, of "over thinking", of making too many unneccessary things in our societies.  Have you heard of the new calorie-less coffee- you inhale it.  Was that really necessary?  Why do people with great minds invent such fucking rubbish?  Who are you even helping?  You people just want too much.  We need to focus on being healthy and being happy.  Western world = over nutrition, third world = under nutrition.  Is there a medium?  Cigarettes are banned why isn't maccas?  Theres absolutely NOTHING healthy about it - bad, saturated fatty oils; sugar filled buns with NO nutritional value; "100% beef"... Oh really?  What part of the beef exactly?  Bit hard to tell when its a generic shape that does not resemble any part of an animal and actually tastes like cardboard!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You know what really pains me?  Some people DONT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITIES that you do.  Some people can't get out money from their wallet and walk to a corner store and buy a loaf of bread to feed their families.  Why the fuck do we have to exploit that by stuffing our faces with chocolate and

to be continued...


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