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-Dale Turner-

Sunday, June 19, 2011


A small population of individuals in the world are educated - sadly many humans live in poverty and will never afford a place in this demographic of people. However what I personally find most sad is that in Australia, we all have access to greater knowledge, yet a vast majority of us capable individuals choose to take an easier route.  Although there are variables such as disorders etc - there are so many Australians out there who just don't give a fuck about learning.  I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

I think you are making the mistake of assuming that, because you like it or think it is a good thing, every one else should. The world does not work that way, people place different priorities on things. The assumptions lies in that everyone has the capacity to learn and they don't. There are genuinely people that are just not intelligent enough to get past year 10 or so and they do not have a learning disorder. They just aren't intelligent. So they are being realistic, not deliberately close minded.

Miss Mind.Detox said...

Its not academic intelligence I am souly refering to. There are many reasons why people can be uneducated and education in an academic sense is not exactly what I am meaning. There are many exceptions as to why people can't learn. However there are people out there who honestly don't care about intelligence. I am speaking from those who I know personally and those who tear me down for my learning. I like to start conversations that stimulate a response from someone - an opinion if you will. However it feels that lately I have been bombarded with the same answers -
"Why do you even bother thinking about that stuff".
"Knowing things doesn't matter in this world"
"Life is about getting married, having kids and dying, not about knowing stuff".
"You are a nerd"
"You waste your life learning information that will get you nowhere".

Thanks for the comment, I enjoy the challenge and my blog states that everything written is an expression of my opinion and not truth or absolute but what I am directing this post at is those who just sit blankly in a crowd and say nothing because they don't care about having their own opinion. Those that listen to repetitive music and do their repeitive jobs in their repetitive lives and then turn around and judge people for wanting to learn and be inspired. Anyone can be intelligent - not just academically. The thing is, many do not care.

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