Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I hate the word "love".

I'm really sick of hearing about how things should be.  The worst thing about being a girl is that we're emotionally driven and just when you think you're strong and in control, the emotions kick in. You know what I adore and hate the most at the very same time?  Love.  I hate that 95% of song lyrics are based around 'love', I hate that there are magazines with advice columns, and stupid quotes on the internet and soppy pictures of people holding hands.  The word is stupidly overused and it makes me sick.  It almost has no meaning or should be at least changed to "a sense of liking, but misinterpreted".. or something like that.

Love is an expression, yes that is true, however it is so majorly dramatised in the wrong kinds of ways.  I really wonder how many people know what real, true love is?  I wonder if I know?  I think I do, because I observe those around me but I'll never know if I feel more than they do; if my "love" is somehow different from theirs.  Sadly, we can only compare ourselves to what we actually know.

So women - "oh but I love him and he ditched me" or "he doesnt take me out for dinner" etc.  Is that how things should be?  Is that what makes you happy or is that what you're told is meant to make you happy.  I guess from growing I have realised that women are subjected to a lot more of the telling than the knowing.  We are always finding things to constantly bitch about in regards to our relationship because we are looking for the wrong things.  If we are constantly believing that things can be perfect, and that something more must be present, we will never find happiness in our love lives.  For there is no perfect, which isn't to say that you have to settle for less than you think you deserve.  The problem with women is that we all need to stop, grow up, cease our bitching and moaning and just be.

Be. Be. Be.

So here's what I think:
Who fucking cares if the guy you like doesn't like you?
Who fucking cares if your boyfriend hates your favourite pair of shoes?
Cease worrying that your man is cheating on you - if he is, fuck it. It's not the end of life and love.
If you've been hurt before, you can't compare the last relationship to the present.
You can't assume someone else's love will add up to yours or vice versa.
Don't always think about making yourself happy or making others happy - its all about a balance, but put yourself first.
Nobody will ever love you if you can't love yourself.
Life is too short to dwell on everything and to remain crazy for one person who doesn't feel the same.
Your love and your partner's love might be different in their ideals - learn these and do what YOU want, don't adopt their ideals.

And most importantly...


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