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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Think about your children...

Nothing upsets me more than seeing children fed rubbish.  I don't mean the occasional lolly pop or packet of chips but utter rubbish for most meals. To all the parents out there that don't take responsibility over what their child eats please think of this:

Think about how they think when they see you putting that cheeseburger into your mouth.
Think about how the food you are giving them is helping their bodies to live and grow.
Think about how you are completely shaping all their views and ideas of food by exposing them to certain foods and eating habits.
Think about what trans fats, sugar, additives and nasties are doing wirling through their blood stream.
Think about the way you discipline their behaviour; could it actually be that they are like this because of what you feed them?
Think about giving them that chocolate bar to shut them up whilst doing the shopping - it will be once, twice and then soon enough the child will learn that it will be always.
And by far the most valuable thing to think about is how their food and eating habits will impact the rest of their entire lives - how they live, grow, their choices and how they will feed their own kids.

Taking part 

•  Involve your child in choosing 
which fruit or vegetables they 
would like.
•  Take your child fruit and vegetable 
shopping and let them see, smell 
and feel the fruit and vegetables 
with you.
• Let your child help wash and 
prepare fruit and vegetables. Use 
this opportunity to explore new 
colours and shapes.
• Encourage their skill learning by 
letting them make a simple salad 
to serve themselves.
• Count out grapes or berries 
together in a bowl.
• Grow some vegetables or herbs 
in the garden or pot. Let your child 
water and nurture the plant.

2. Enjoyment
• Remember to enjoy meals 
together with your children 
whenever possible. If children see 
you eating and enjoying a wide 
variety of fruit and vegetables, 
they are more likely to join in.
• Sometimes children may prefer 
their vegetables raw to cooked.
• Children may refuse new foods if 
mealtimes are stressful, so try and 
focus on the positives about the 

meal and avoid arguments.

3. Presentation
• Keep a bowl of fresh fruit handy, 
and vegetables such as peas, 
cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and 
mushrooms in the fridge to grab 
for a quick snack.

•  Make vegetables and fruit look 
great on the plate. Serve different 
coloured fruit and vegetables, 
chop them on a special plate. 
•  For reluctant eaters, keep trying 
a new fruit and vegetable once a 


4.  Include fruit and vegetables 
wherever possible
• Include vegetables and fruit in a 
range of ways, and at most meals 
and snacks. 
• Rather than searching for new 
recipes, try to increase the variety 
or amount of vegetables added to 
your favourite family recipes such 
as pasta sauce, soup or stir-fries.
• Include vegetables and fruit in 
snacks too. Try corn on the cob, 
jacket potato, plain home-made 
popcorn, sliced vegetables with 
salsa or dips, muffins, pikelets or 
cakes made with added fruit or 
vegetables. Enjoy frozen fruit or 
vegetable segments, skewers of 
fruit, stewed fruit, fruit crumbles, 

and tinned fruits in natural juice. 

5. Keep trying
•  Children need a chance to learn, or 
sometimes re-learn, to enjoy fruit 
and vegetables. Your job is to make 
them available. Remember that 
children may need to see a fruit or 
vegetable ten or more times before 
they are ready to try it.
• Always include a small serving on 
children’s plates; encourage them to 
try, but let them decide whether or 
not to eat.
• Perhaps offer some crunchy raw 
vegetables before the main meal, 
when children are often most 
• Resist the urge to prepare options 
to the meal you have prepared. 
Children may choose to leave 
certain foods, but will learn 
to accept the meal offered if 
alternatives are not offered.


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