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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People in the gym

I hate to stereotype but it amuses me the types of gym go-ers that I see every visit to fitness first (and other gyms included).  There is this crazy predictable segregation in gym folk and you can tell them apart by their attire, choice of machinery or area in the gym.

Gym folk include:

Gym junkies: Men and women who you see EVERY time you're there. They have a crazy routine, know how to use all the equipment and leave with their protein shake in hand.

SUPER buff men: Guys that spend 2 hours just doing weights at ridiculous levels and have to groan with each repetition and check out their biceps discretely in the mirror as they walk past.  These guys tend to segregate and create a crazy zone of testosterone and protein shakes.  You can almost feel the subtle "notice how much weight I can lift" eyes glaring at those near by.

The "False credit-ers": Those that walk on the treadmill (at a low speed) for 45 minutes everytime they come and seem to think its doing them wonders aka "That piece of cake and extra latte will be a-o-k because I was on the treadmill for 45 mins today!"

"Buddy" type: Girls (and sometimes boys) who wait for their friends and synchronize their entire workout together, treating the gym as more of a social outing. Nothing wrong with this at all, you can just see the 15 year olds all wearing matching Lorna Jane gym wear!

"Flaunt-me-body" type: Girls that wear make up, jewellery and do their hair all pretty and then jump on a near by treadmill.  You then see them in the bathroom re-applying between machine changes.  That shit clogs your pores you sillies!!!!!!!!!! Guys also do this in a different way - they'll wear singlets and all the latest gym gear that reveals their massive muscles, tattooes etc and you'll be the only two people in the gym and they'll jump on the machine in front or next to you!

Jenny Craigers: Recent gym joiners who really need to lose the pounds. Often they'll only make a 20 minute work out before struggling out the door. Good on them for it though, start small.


Kate said...

I don't think you should say that people doing 45 minutes on the treadmill are somehow wasting their time at the gym, every little bit of exercise helps and you don't have to count how many calories you had in that apple and then burn it off for fitness to improve your health :)

Miss Mind.Detox said...

I get that but honestly if you walk at 4 for 45 minutes you are completely wasting your time if you're willing to be there that long and not do something better. Walking up stairs a few times would burn more and increase your fitness more.

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