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Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Health misconceptions...

So talking to people about nutrition causes you to hear a lot of myths and common misconceptions.  I have written down a few that friends have told me in the last few months and I want to set it straight for those confused souls out there.  Sometimes Cleo just doesn't quite clear it up:

1) Drinking a litre of cold water will NOT make you burn 100 calories. No way. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you need further explanation, please ask.

2) There is no "healthy" sugar! Sugar in fruit and sugar and lollies are treated in EXACTLY the same way in your body!  Fructose is taken up slightly differently in the cell and enters glycolosis at a different point to glucose and maltose, but essentially they are digested and recognised in the same way.  So yes, that means your daily sugar intake does include natural sugars too!  Did you know there is almost as much sugar in orange juice as in coke?

3) Probiotics don't work unless they are in a biomolecular casing that can withstand stomach acid.  They need to pass through the stomach in order to reach your intestinal flora.  Some yoghurts contain good bacteria but not witheld in a special casing so therefore your HCL in your stomach breaks it down before it reaches the intestine and therefore wastes your time thinking its making a difference!

4) Skipping meals will NOT help you lose weight!  By now people should know this!  You MUST EAT REGULARLY for weight management AND health.  You can have weight management and depleted health if you dont eat but you need to consume food to have both.

5) Creatine supplements do very little for the body.  Yes they are meant to help storage of important minerals in muscle tissue but your body produces sufficient amounts of creatine naturally when you are active and therefore it is not necessary as it will only be excreted.

6) Vitamin C makes no difference when you're sick!  The immune system is not going to suddenly be boosted by it!  Your immune system just needs a constant supply of this vitamin to maintain itself!  Excess (once again) will only be excreted!

7) Green tea IS full of antioxidants and does have homeopathy effects if it is of an appropriate quality!  Tea bags are usually bleached or are not fresh enough to make much difference!

8) Boiling vegetables until they are soft DOES deplete vitamin content!  Same with using the microwave!  The microwave completely kills a lot of the good stuff in our food; not just vitamins but other things also!

9) Meat is NOT good every day of the week!  It's not good everyday for sportsmen even!  Another thing about meat is that it strains the digestive system and really is full of a lot of saturated fat!  Most of the animals now days are farmed on such a scale that they are not given the opportunity to grow lean and exercise to their full extent, making the meat quite fatty.

10)  Eggs will NOT USUALLY give you high cholestrol.  The cholestrol within them actually helps to control the body's normal cholestrol levels.  Its a different type.  Ask if you want further info.


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