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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Girl And The Apple.

Today I had an amazing Global and Indigenous Public Health class.  I will expand on this later (watched a doco about aboriginal diet/health etc).  What really grabbed my attention was a clip we watched about a food rescue and distribution service called Oz Harvest.  If you ever come across them PLEASE support them.  They are completely amazing.  They basically take unwanted food from shops, supermarkets, cafes etc and redistribute it or keep it for people to come in off the streets and collect.  If only my previous employer donated old food at the end of a long night...grrr so much was always wasted.

Anyway back to the point.  I shed a tear when a little girl came in with her mum and saw apples and got excited about them - "We never have apples"!  Its amazing how something so small can affect you so much.  I really dwelled on it on and off for the rest of the day.  To think I'm so lucky to have a constant supply of fresh fruit and veggies in my fridge.  Yeah it excites me because of what I do but I'm sure there are others out there like me that just expect them to be there.  Its nothing unusual to munch on an apple right?  Clearly for that little girl the apples she saw had as much value as a gourmet sushi platter would for me, if not more.  Appreciate good food because there are so many people out there that can't afford what you can.  There are so many people out there that have access to amazing food and make poor choices/eat such low quality, high processed shit instead of the humble piece of fruit.  I guess its true that you never truely appreciate something unless you don't have it or its taken away but seriously...please think. 

Think about what crap you spend your food money on.
Think about what you fuel your body with.
Think about what you have that others don't.
I know I really need to. 

I couldn't find the clip but please watch this (she gets a mention) and also visit the OZHARVEST website.

PS: My little sister's friends had never tasted watermelon and mango before and they are 13.  What the hell?


katro said...

yeah i often wondered that
but apparently there are all sorts of things that can happen to a business if they just let anyone eat the food they throw out
cos people sue
its a sad world, but yes the homeless may sue if you give them bad food. :(

its good theres an organisation that can help facilitate that action happening :)

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