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Thursday, April 15, 2010

South Africa is...

Racist Capital of the world.

South Africa - apparently the most racist country in the world and this is without a doubt so so true.  Although it is beautiful, those who live there seem constantly at war with each other due to racism.  The whites hate the blacks and the blacks hate the whites and I guess when it comes down to it both sides have good reason.  With a white government, the blacks suffered and with the black government the whites are suffering.

People think its all about racism against Africans.  Its not!  White Africans of dutch decent have been thrown out of jobs and are deprived of other jobs despite being more qualified, are unable to INVEST IN SHARES in companies like vodacom, are less likely to pass tests such as driving tests etc.  It is ASSUMED by outsiders that the white man is racist and yes, yes this is true to an extent but it goes both ways.

For years black Africans have faced the same traumas - no jobs, minimum wages, poor treatement but why must the tables turn.  Is it all about revenge?  Yes!  The white and black man of the existing generations will never ever live in peace but perhaps those born now will.  After being in Africa I can see that younger individuals are more accepting of race and intercultural interaction but still are swayed by their parents experiences and values. 

I have driven past slums in Cape Town where people live in poorly conditioned shacks in poor communities stretching 36km.  I have seen men sitting with their belongings by the side of the road waiting for someone to give them a job.  I have bough a bag from a dark disabled man.  Yet I have also seen policemen with huge guns, have heard stories about murders and crazy tactics to steal railway metals and wire for people to sell.  I have heard of white people being abused by black.  I have heard of many robberies and recently a friend told me she saw someone get knifed.  Its a crazy world.  No side can win at this point in time and I hope one day that BEAUTIFUL land will house people of peace; that the gap between black and white can be closed and the past can be forgotten.  Who knows if we will ever see that.  I know for a fact that personally, i will not in my lifetime.

Some holiday pics I took...

This video isnt anything too exciting but I adore the journalist!
Louis Theroux is an awesome journalist and he touches on some intense issues.  I love that about him; he always puts himself out in the most obsurd places with the strangest groups of individuals and investigates such radical issues.  However that is what journalists must do to make a living (unfortunately) but at least he is informative and does his job so well!

And some more...

Please watch this if you can:



Fiona said...

we currently have a higher perentage of aboriginal incarcerated in australia than south africa did under their genocidal regimes...
true story

Miss Mind.Detox said...

Also the life expectancy between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is highest in the world!

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