Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When did we stop caring?

When did we stop caring about ourselves?
About what we do with our time?
About what we do with our life?
About what pollutants we put inside ourselves?
About what we eat?
About our interaction with others?

Obviously there are many reasons why "right and wrong" exist.  Some people are purely unaware of health benefits, health risks and opportunities that are out there for them.  Others have physical, psychological and cultural issues/boundaries/disabilities.  I guess my primary concern is this:  If you are lucky enough to have the knowledge, the resources, the support, the finances WHY do some people still not care?  Surely we are not all depressed and have no self worth?

I wish people could see that little changes can cause big things to happen.  Its kind of like blood vessels - constriction has a huge effect on flow; constriction is a small action for a huge outcome.  If there is something easy that you could change, why sit and choose not to?

Why not buy something else instead of that packet of Malborow reds?
Why not chuck a handful of salad on your plate at dinner?
Why not buy wholemeal instead of white bread?
Why not set aside money each week for something more important?
Why not help that person you see struggling out there?
Or why not ask for help yourself?

Actions are important.  Speaking about things doesn't change them.  We may ponder change over and over and think about it until our brains almost explode but until we take action it will remain a thought... and thoughts happen for a reason.

What ever you want to do, do it.
Where ever you want to go, go.
You can if you actually CARE.

(PS: yes fi i always write about our conversations)


Fiona said...

seriously dude, as much as i love you, you're stealing my thoughts

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