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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Church of Emu Export

This is what "constructive" Perth males do with their time

These EE lovers have lined their house with cans.  The living room alone has 3,700 emu export cans.  To be honest, if I was to believe in religion I would believe in buddism or coming together with mates in the church of emu export!
The 10 Commandments
(From myspace page - see link below)

1- Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

2- Thou shalt not end sitting till thy emu put him foot down.

3- Enlighten the unenlightened.

4- Thou shalt not go thirsty.

5- Honour thy Bottle-O and BottleMart.

6- Thou shalt convet neighbors wife.

7- Thou shalt not murder, unless to protect thy church.

8- Thou shalt not lie if thou hast sworn on export.

9- Spilling of an export = punishable by execution.

10- Thou shalt speak of export as a currency.

The picture above is from their myspace page - VISIT PAGE


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ahahah this is hillarious

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