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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indie + retro?

Has become so fucking cool that it is now uncool and "popular".  I know that the term "Indie" refers to a specific genre of "Rock" from the US and UK but I speak in relation to dress sense.  Seriously - I enjoy retro vinnies and appreciate vintage clothing as much as the next person but this has become stupid on a whole new level.  Its like the Leederville cafe strip is taking over Perth with its interesting young, retro vibes. 

I watched "The room" a few weeks ago and I was in a sea of "Indie" kids.  I was wearing a plain black dress, tights and a checked hoodie and stood out from the croud like a fluro post-it on someone's forehead.

When did indie become cool?
Why are places like cotton on and JayJays trying to catch on?
Fashion is hardly original anymore because old fashion keeps coming back in and going back out unless you want to be as outrageous as Lady fricking GaGa.  I guess I should'nt label.  I guess I don't understand why people follow.  Cool story if you wore it first - kudos to you... but those clothing companies that have caught on and are trying to make something out of it just piss off.

more so retro...


Anonymous said...

we all know i totally wore it first..
but i agree. i hate the idea of packaging a culture and selling it back to us. nothing is original, we should stop pretending it is.
i know i am not original. but at least i am genuine

Fiona said...

oh whoops that was me...

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