Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Energy & Power

Energy amazes me - its presence everywhere in all things, in all people. There is nothing quite like the human race and the energy which we each of us possess.
We show love and compassion, empathy, trust.
But hatred, conflict and all things opposite too.
Some of us use our souls to dance through this life journey,
Whilst others seem at eternal conflict with themselves.
It's crazy how life can be so different for each of us,
But I guess it's beautiful that way.
The strong separate from the weak,
But the weak always have the potential to join the strong.

A very beautiful soul showed me this.  It's from someone's facebook so is not my own but I liked it very much:
The person who has not known what repose is starts stuffing too much food in himself. Nothing can help him unless he learns repose -- no dieting is going to help, no exercises are going to help, no disciplining is going to help. Sooner or later he will start eating again, because his inner being feels so empty and he knows no other way to fill it -- he knows only one way: to go on throwing food inside himself.
When people come to me with the problem of too much obsession with food, my only suggestion is: become more meditative. Don't be worried about food. Become more loving, become more meditative, and the problem will disappear. When you are full of love and meditativeness, you need not stuff yourself with food. The food is only a substitute -- because you are missing the inner food, you are trying to substitute it by outer food.

The man of repose always remains very very alert, aware, of what he is eating, how much he is eating. He cannot eat more than is needed, and he will not eat less than is needed. He is always in the middle, he is a balance.


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