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-Dale Turner-

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Aboriginal health: The placebo effect relationship.

I have been spiritually enlightened this week.  I'm doing a course on Aboriginal health and although it hasn't changed my opinions too much it has definitely opened my eyes and educated me on the spirituality of Aboriginal people.  I say "hasn't changed" as for the vast majority of aboriginal people, they are respectable and honourable, wonderful people in Australia.  It's a shame that they are misunderstood.  In proportion, more caucasian Australians drink than aboriginal people, however over 50% of aboriginal people smoke.  Crazy health statistics really, but what I'm trying to say is those you see on the streets causing havoc make up a minority.  We live in a very domesticated environment away from the bush and the people in remote and rural areas.  It is to be expected that those Aboriginal people who have broken away from their culture have come here and yes they may spend their welfare payments getting drunk but white people do it too.  In essence sadly every race is made up of a vast majority of cunts and also every race is racist.  Sadly it is within us.  That isn't to say that Aboriginal people aren't racist. As mentioned, racism is present in every culture and even between cultures.

Anyway - back to spirituality.

I have this vision in my body that I am at one with the world - I move with it, I am a floating light that interacts with other things but essentially make all my own choices and carry my own energy.  I make my own choices and find my way around my own problems.  Being in the field of nutrition, I believe my body needs essential nourishment to allow my brain and body systems to function and allow me to be a strong person.  Nourishment and care creates this energy, my spirit is nourished by exercise, learning and mental stimulation/interactions with intelligent beings and meditation - all of which I do not do enough of.

Aboriginal spirit.
Aboriginals (Australian Aboriginals) are the longest surviving race in the world.  Their cultural practices and ceremonies are handed down through generations and have a great deal of meaning.  They infuse plant life (ceremoniously) in water which gives a "drunken effect" and also traditionally smoke a plant which is similar to marijuana for spiritual encounters - especially those where they need to be taken into certain trances and mindsets.  Sadly, alcohol was brought to Australia, a long with many other drugs that were an issue to these people and their vulnerability.  But if left to their own ways, this race would have been very spiritually driven and still is.  I suppose keeping with the times and experiencing change is a necessity of life.

So as scientists, we speak of the placebo effect.  Basically, if you think and believe something strongly enough it can control you - "psychological medicine" as it is known.  Aboriginal culture is driven by the idea of spirits and self healing.  Healers can help those that need treatment and in many times illnesses have been proven to cure or dissapear after the people encounter these "healers".  The same goes for curses.  Curses can be cast on those that have done a wrong doing - "an eye for an eye" as they say.


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