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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Give me your kidney

Now on to the actual blog...

So the issue arose on television last night - Should we give people who willingly damage their bodies new organs?

My answer?

Smokers were the main focus of the debate; however they are not my primary concern.  There are many ways that people can be ignorant about their health, so if someone is unaware of damage or its done by accident then fine - exceptions should be made.  However those who are obese, those who smoke, those who put themselves in these high risk factor positions should have to wait their turn - aka, the organs should be given to those more needy patients who have fallen sick by chance.  I am not being bias against a particular demographic - like I said, obese people, those who self harm and damage their organs with alcohol or drug abuse and smokers. 

Have the parts but wait.
That's my take.
Feel free to debate.


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