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-Dale Turner-

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Selfless v Selfish

 5th July 2010

I don't understand every human being I meet; nobody does.  Some are luckier than others and some have the potential be lucky and prosperous but deny the chance.  How can people just sit and let themselves go to waste when others would give almost everything to have the same opportunities and experiences.  Yes, there is a level of understanding and human empathy that I must give but it both angers and saddens me just how ignorant and careless people are.  There are people back home that are so self centred, that will never be empathetic, that lay blame down on everyone and everything so that they look like victims.  Yet somehow the lady cooking my buffet breakfast and homeless people lying in the streets smile and greet me like i am super human.  They seem to sit and make things; sing, express themselves like its the best day of their lives.  The poorer Thais with the local street market stalls are the same.  They are always warm, always genuine, always happy.  Sometimes they drive a hard bargain or put up a fight with you as you barter but in the end they bow their heads in thanks - "Kapunka"


Anonymous said...

I guess it comes down to culture. Maybe they are brought up to be grateful for what they have. Our culture is one of over ambitious greed and no one ever seems to get to the stage where they can say they have enough. The perils of a capatalist society in which your worth is measured by how much money you have or how much you earn a year.

Mike :)

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