Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mysterious man, Pirates and Barrel Rolls.

All I want to do is write and rant so heres some random stuff from the space in my brain...

For you.

Love.  We say it so much, we think it so much but are we ever right?  Sadly half the time all of the stories and stupid cliche`s prove themselves wrong.  However I do believe that you know when you are meant to be with someone.  You really do know but it takes a lot of time, more than when you first think it a possibility.  It won't take one or two years... it will take more for sure.  It may take a whole damn lot longer.  Today  I think I really do know.  I don't really blog aboutt this stuff too often but now I feel the need.  I know for a fact that being young and having experiences is very important.  I also pursue my strong feelings/argument against marrying young.  But there comes a time when you look at someone and your heart and mind take a step back for a moment and you think "shit.  I could never imagine being here; I would never want to be here with anyone but you.  I need you to be here with me, nobody else".  And you think - I would travel the world with you, write a song for you, give you a kidney... among other things.  You also realise that although sometimes you hate doing them, you LOVE doing what you do for the person you admire.  I love that I'm sitting on a place with a boy's head on my lap and his body stretched out over the remaining row.  I love that he reads magazines o the toilet, steals all the water when I shower and always seems to fart at the most inconvenient times.  I love that he gets shy at the video store asking the guy where a movie is, hates returning products to stores because he dislikes being inconvenient, wears shorts in the middle of winter, gets awkward around people of authority to the point where he has to even ask me whether he has been to Africa in the last 6 days before he fills out the customs form; like the form is a trick and really is asking "are you african or have association with africa".  But aside from what may seem like silly things there are other things I love.  His stubble, his ring collectiong, that his face always smells amazing, that he plays guitar to me and rants about type faces and cars and internet sites.  I love that he holds the door open for me, gives me the umbrella when it rains, when we rub noses, when he plays with my hair, makes me pizza and grabs my bum on staircases.  He makes me coffee, tells me I look pretty, accompanies me to family events and appointments and can sit and chat to me for hours.   That to me is love.  That is all part of love but ONLY part.  Thats where people get caught up and confused and think more of things than they are. 

Despite how the song goes "Love is only a feeling", I think they are wrong (sorry The Darkness). Its far more technical than that so do not be mistaken.  We do not constantly think about and feel out love for someone, it is just there.  We experience whatever else life throws and we live and enjoy but love just stays - rising and falling; constantly fluctuating and half the time we are virtually oblivious to it.  You accept someone for who they are but you do not settle for less than you deserve.  It is an equal task love.  Also it is a chemical thing.  We build dependance and it changes us chemically to "need" someone. 

So to all you "love sick" people out there that are young and want to go get married and have a million kids right away and miss out building the real chemical nature of love; I hope you realise you may be jumping to conclusions and you wait that little bit longer to experience the actual reality of it.


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