Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dreaming of Asia

We never did go to Rawai and feast on Don's pancakes.  To be honest we had had enough of the place.  I want to go back to Thailand and move around.  Karon beach and the rest of dear Phuket became too much of a good thing and so I am leaving on this plane, the poor student that I am... even poorer.  I haven't seen much of Asia but I would like to.  My family have always chosen Europe, the UK and Australia as holiday destinations.  Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Thailand - thats where I want to travel with my clothes, backpack and camera to feast off the local market food and engage with the people.  I have no desire to visit furthur tourist destinations such as Patong or Bali.  I simply want to "feel" the different soils beneath my feet.  India is also high on the list.  I know its weird not to want to be in places like London and Paris but I am not that much of a fan.  I love the Medditterranean and shopping in the USA and i will get back to those places someday soon.  Yt I feel that in the near future poorer countries with rich culture are waiting for me to come and explore them.  I have always loved Australia and I always will but I am sick and tired of the entertainment (or the lack of).  I learnt on my travels that the thing with Australia is the sugar coated Nazi strictness system makes is safe and beautiful but it limits us.  It makes me sad that places as beautiful as Thailand have not been so "system fortunate", however if they were like us, I think i wouldn't enjoy them quite so much and not so much of the culture would have been preserved.  The weather is perfect for my inner lizad self.  The trees and the greenery brings me to tears.  The scent of jasmine flowers and cheap asian stalls is so amazing and the people here make this place!  They are something else really. 

So if you get the chance and the funds - go to Asia.  Stay away from Bali and Phuket's main beaches.  Soak in the beauty, wash in brown water, get sick from the food, feel the earth beneath your feet.  Sip from a coconut and you will never feel better!


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