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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photographing Perth's Abandoned Buildings: Part 1

Coogee Power Station

Officially opened in 1951 and at it's peak had over 250 employees.  It was closed in 1985.  Since closing, many have committed suicide from the higher levels, and there have been rumoured murders there according to a historical site I was looking at.

Here are some of my pictures from my first visit:

Montgomery Hall

Built in 1904, Montgomery Hall was a mental institution that operated until 1987 and has since been abandoned.

Here are some pics from one of my visits: Model, Kate Lowe.

Sunset Hospital/ Claremont Old Men's home

a health facility built in 1904 and closed in 1995. Several of the buildings are heritage listed, limiting the money that could be made by selling the prime location land.

Here are some pics I took from outside.  Apparently the property is Heritage listed but also privately owned, with residents living on the premises.


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