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-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Girls, don't sweat the small stuff.

**Our identity is never absolute, it's just a matter of perspective.

Why girls hate each other

We don’t just hate each other because we don’t know each other.
It’s far more pathetic than that.
We hate each other because we attempt to compare the non-comparable
aspects of ourselves with others.

There will always be people you just don’t like for a variety of reasons.  They may not like the same things you do, or do things that upset you or piss you off for whatever reason.  But beyond that, sadly, there are things about us females that make it really hard for us to like each other too.  In a civilized world, we’re exposed to other people; society, people that rank us and judge us and make us rank and judge ourselves in the scheme of it.  If Brittany Speares has a massive ass, where the fuck do we stand?  Do we hate ourselves or do we hate the people that her apparent “massive ass” is being compared to – aka the girls with the tight little perky asses?  You learn that you fit somewhere amongst your peers.  This makes it awfully hard to remain objective when meeting people who you feel you can’t match up to, or even more stupidly, people who have completely different personal characteristics to you.  Why do we get so caught up in competing?  If everyone says someone is hot, why must we feel inadequate in our own minds by comparing ourselves to them? 

I think the most frustrating thing is that sometimes we don’t recognize our own jealousy or the jealousy of others.  We get all down and depressed about the girl that hates us and spend too much time overthinking the reasons why when it’s probably plain and simple – you have non-comparable differences which one of you is clearly trying to rationalize (or more so, be irrational about).  I myself know that people have thought I have hated them because of the way I seem to act sometimes, when it’s really not the case.  And in the same way, I have perceived people to dislike me, based on false ideas and actions that I have misread.  Stupid really.

So although this is a blog post that a 14 or 15 year old girl should be posting, I just want to say this to all the females I know:

Shut up!  Stop bitching about everyone.  Stop comparing yourself to “the other girl”.  We know you naturally hate “the other girl” when she gets the guy you want or does something better than you.  As female friends, we always support these ideas when discussing them with each other in order to make the other person feel better.  I’ve done it, you’ve done it.  MAN UP…. or.. WOMAN UP!  Just be the person that you want to be and the person that you can be.  That should be fulfilling enough.   Why do we care so much about what people think of us?  Shouldn’t we find peace of mind in knowing how we see ourselves?  You are the person you create yourself to be, not just in your own mind but in your actions. 


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