Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Monday, February 06, 2012


There is this strange feeling of acceptance and comfort found when one finds another that has experienced what they have; that shares similar thoughts and feelings that have deemed individuals ‘loners’ in their own unexposed minds, prior to a point of foreign connection.  Loneliness and sorrow is really quite a common and profound invitation for a connection to form between two people.  But I ask – what if it had started from something else?  Do we seek others for comfort in our own loneliness, our times of pain or insanity, or can we just stumble across someone in a carefree state and have something as personal with them anyway?

I supposed neither side has encapsulated my opinion entirely.  Being an emotional human being myself, times of extreme ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ seem like the ingredient or avenue to start something quite special.  But are we vulnerable because of this?  Are we only vulnerable when we are sad, or is happiness included?  Why does it seem loneliness only sets in when we are sad, not happy?  Is it because sadness and loneliness go hand in hand?

I think sadness is the perfect opportunity for one to confide in another as a human coping mechanism, but sooner or later there needs to be more to it.  I used to think that feeling as different as someone else felt, and finding comfort in their strangeness was all I needed in this world.  Yet I have come to realise that feeling like someone else does isn’t the key to being content.  Being happy is about creating yourself, making your life what you want.  More than one person out there will always be feeling or have felt similarly to you, you just may not realise.  As you grow up, you will realise this more.  There are more factors that contribute to a good connection with someone, although deep and meaningful conversations might bring about acceptance between you.

Just remember, everyone feels alone sometimes; it’s a fact of life.  And such horrible things happen in this world on a day to day basis; many of which push us closer to someone else as we feel we need to cling to something to stay afloat.  I for one was lucky enough to stumble across a great person, when I was in a time of need.  But unlike the mistake I made before, there is more to this love than pure understanding of problems.  There is an understanding and sharing of dreams.  We forget how important our dreams are until we work out what makes us happy, what we want and most importantly, observe the contentment of others who have strived for theirs. 

So thank you to my special person, for understanding that dreams a priority, and that there is more to us than pure acceptance of one another.


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