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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


 Signs.  Do people really need all of them out there?  Who makes certain signs or more importantly - who places such signs in such locations?!?!

  I recently saw a sign at the beach attached to a ramp that said "Slippery when icy".  Who thought that it was necessary to warn people of something that will not happen in a city that never has temperatures below freezing?  Did that person think that maybe those that pass by will learn that ramps can be slippery and then when they are in relevant areas (aka cold climates) they will think back to the little sign at the beach that warned them of icy dangers on ramps?!? ....I think not!  Also may I suggest to the mindless idiot who put that sign there - why not have a more appropriate sign such as "slippery when wet"?  Also a friend of mine that worked in construction had to put up a sign that said "Construction - Please use other foot path" in front of a shallow hole, despite also putting up big plastic fence barriers and reflective tape.  The obvious reason for the sign (i assume) was so that the company could not be sued if an individual was to, lets say - climb the fence, jump over the barriers, fall into the hole and hurt themselves. 

Are humans really so dense that they need everything spoon fed to them?!  When will we start using more than 10% of our amazing brains?  No wonder!  Perhaps foot paths should have signs saying "for walking" on them just to clarify things for people.  Maybe the beach should have a sign saying "CAUTION! Wet substance present!".  For f*cks sake, a Maccas coffee tells you that its hot and to be careful.  The person that obviously sued McDonalds for spilling their hot coffee on themselves was very cleaver but if they didnt realise that coffee is hot (which im sure they did) then they should seriously not exist with such lack of intelligence.  The natural world works so that the weak do not survive.  Will we all become like this one day?  Clearly not.  I am merly being very dramatic but it does concern me slightly that people pay money to put up ridiculous signs.

Now that my rant is over please laugh and do not take anything I said seriously (but do if you are one of the idiots that works for the government and puts up dumb ass signs because clearly you have very little intelligence)!


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millisemmy said...

Nature always helps a writer to learn from its elements. Nature always try to teach new lessons and a writer transform its experience into words. He can transform even silence into words. This blog taught me a lesson.

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