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-Dale Turner-

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Real women eat more than three bites and real men love curvey women.

With Christmas approaching I have noticed a dramatic increase in weight loss remedies and bullshit diets to help girls get through the Christmas season, especially in magazines.  Take Victoria Beckham for example.  Vicks is following the "three bite" diet this Christmas.  Basically you choose the few things that you want to eat and you have three small bites of each.  I'm rather impressed to hear that shes eating and also very amazed at her control but she is possibly one of the most unhealthy celebrities out there!! She wears smaller sized clothing that her kids!  I know that many of these articles are comprised of total bullshit facts because as I've said before, journalism is nasty but still - why give girls these ideas in the first place and who comes up with this shit?

The female body has experienced many challenges over the years.  Many of you would have been merly energy somewhere in the universe when women were loved for their giant curves and fertile figures.  It is only a relatively recent thing to love really skinny women but whats the fun in a bag of bones.  Is it really beautiful.  Fair enough for those naturally thin girls out there but for all of you "wanna bees" just focus on being HEALTHY.  There are some (like me) who will always be pear shaped no matter how hard they try and will only get worn out trying to be rake thin!

Moving on... 

As you will know by now nutrition is my passion.  I never want to be a nutritionist that has to work with psychologically damaged teenage girls who can't see that they are absolutely killing their bodies.  I rather work with athletes or children or men going through a mid life crisis that need help getting back to a healthy weight.  This isnt to say that I hold anything against girls that don't eat to look and feel good but girls - chances are you already look amazing but don't eat it if you're going to kick yourself in the head I guess.

I'd love to share with you some obvious facts about diets and being thin - most of which you will know I'm sure but just a reminder that food is NOT bad but it can be bad.

Christmas eating Rules 
1. EAT. Do not deprive yourself or it will have an emotional and physical impact.
2. DO NOT eat too much or you will just get depressed about it.
3. Steer away from saturated fats.  I know that I will not be personally tucking into a turkey or ham this chistmas but if you are make sure you follow the 1/4 meat rule and grab lots of other stuff to fill you up.
4. Go easy on alcohol. 
5. Remember its christmas and christmas dieting is stupid!  Diets dont work its all about controling portions and regular exercise. 

- No food = skinny and beautiful.
WRONG = unhealthy and drained!
Slows your metabolism and drains your body of energy.  When your body runs out of fat to burn, muscle tissue will be broken down as a fuel source.  Your gut remains healthy if you "eat and excrete".  A SUPER healthy person will poo twice a day :) Your body tells you when its hungry so EAT!

- Fats are bad
Your body NEEDS fats but the right kind for repair and for healthy skin, nails, hair and eyes.

- "Fat blaster" pills make you thin
Pills that "flush fat out" are absolutely bullshit.  Even if they improve fat loss for a while you are not going to take them your whole life!!! Your body won't be as efficient without them once you've used them so why do it?  Have control and be sensible.  One piece of christmas cake will not give a female a muffin top.

Beautiful body =


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