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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Leather Ladies

I love working in a chemist.  I've already learnt things that will be very valuable to me.  I have also observed a lot of strange creatures such as teenagers, old people and pretty much everyone to be honest.  Teenagers are the best - whether they are buying condoms or pregnancy tests they always attract attention and have humerous conversations with me.  I am also amazed at how many attractive people come in looking for herpes medication but this is breaking confidentiality barriers so I shall tell you about a kind that I have seen a lot recently.  They come when the sun is out past 30 degrees and shall be known as "leather ladies". 

How to spot a leather lady:

- Leather ladies are ALWAYS tanned a shade of brown that is much like a leather couch.
- They are usually 40+ but often look about 5-10 years older than they should due to extreme sun exposure over  the years.
- They will not go into a chemist without buying baby oil.
- They will not go to the beach without applying half the bottle of that baby oil and will have a cupboard full of emergency back up supply.
- Leather ladies have very prominant wrinkles.
- Their heels are often dry.

I'm sure you will see many leather ladies this summer and although you may argue that I have labelled and completely judged this individuals I will admit that I have, however the only thing wrong with them is that they are addicted to the sun and dislike the thought of sunscreen.  In a nut shell WEAR SUNSCREEN and NOT BABY OIL and you shall age beautifully :)


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