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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tying the knot: Ignorance is bliss right?

They say ignorance is bliss but I guess that statement can be taken to a whole new level when it comes to marriage.  How long can one be ignorant and married before they realise its not actually as easy as taking out that piercing that you really hated?

 I know it sounds like I am anti-marriage but I most certainly am not.  My primary concern is that TEENAGERS and young adults are choosing to marry long before their brains have reached full maturity.  I know some of you will challenge me and by all means - I would love someone to try and convince me but they are unlikely to be successful.  This isn't to say that a couple can't be happy forever if married young.  It obviously depends on the individuals that exchange vows.

I guess this is how I see it - you only live once.  Life isn't about selecting a mate before someone else does, roping them in, tying them down and proceeding with adult life all before twenty one.  Then comes getting bored, having affairs, exorbitant divorce costs, the claiming and splitting of goods and items and then being 30 and having all of your friends (and their developed brains) becoming happily engaged and soon married whilst you sit smoking packets of cigarettes in a corner coffee shop...trying to attract a mate with your aging face and mouth wrinkles from frowning so much throughout your entire marriage!  Pardon me for being so cynical!  I guess its just not the "Aussie" way.

We Australians are interesting creatures.  We complain so much about being hard done by but we are fed higher education opportunities, centrelink payments and clean water on a silver platter.  Its not in our nature to attract complications and they should be put off until ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  We need more time scratching our ass and writing university essays the night before, instead of planning weddings.  Come on - we're supposed to be somewhat fearless and carefree.

And so I say to all of you kids out there thinking of getting married:

BE REALISTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Do you REALLY want to have sex with one person for the next 50 years? 
- Is knowing someone for 8 months enough to base a marriage on?
- What the hell are you going to do about a house and money and bits and bobs when you have a big fat HEX debt or are working at cotton on?
- Ladies: What the HELL is wrong with your man?  I don't know many men that want this too.  Will he turn out to be homosexual?  This might be something to consider!!!
- Weddings cost a gazillion dollars.  What if you have more than one?
- A divorce is not like breaking up with your boyfriend..theres other shit involved.
- Are you so damn insecure that you need to tie the knot incase the guy or girl leaves you? SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!??!

Marriage should happen all in good time.  I know that I am a loyal person and that I could theoretically get married but I feel no need to what so ever right now!  Just because you adore someone and your life would be incomplete without them, doesn't mean they are going to pack up and bail if they feel the same way you do.  Have fun.  Love if you want to - theres nothing stopping you.

Men - this WILL be you

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Anonymous said...


people are nubs, including myself, however some more than others.

what type face is the body copy in? tahoma?

Miss Mind.Detox said...

Yah. Only like 3 font options, one being tahoma and I think its the default.

I have heard 3 people at uni talking about weddings today. Either i'm noticing it more or theres something in the air thats affecting peoples brains.. seriously wtf.

katro said...

"- Ladies: What the HELL is wrong with your man? I don't know many men that want this too. Will he turn out to be homosexual? This might be something to consider!!!"

a man who wants to be married to one woman for the rest of his life is gay...?

mir-mind-detox said...

Not gay... it just seems rather unlikely. MEN GENETICALLY WANT TO REPRODUCE. Its a fact of life.

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