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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nutrition for Great Minds...

I have been rather assiduous this week for a change.  It has began to dawn on me that exams are just around the corner and there are definintely not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I wish to achieve!  Time is short and precious.  I know many of you out there are in the same boat - hang in there.  Holidays are fast approaching!

What to consume during study periods

1. Fresh fruit and veggies (obviously) but you're going to need all the essential vitamins you can get! Vitamins C and B are probably the most valuable to help boost your immune system and energy.

2. TRUCK LOADS of Omega 3 and brahmi & Gingko complex.  When I say truckloads I mean it.  Eat salmon until you turn pink, take fish oil tablets and buy blackmores brahmi and gingko complex to help increase neural activity and memory!

3. PROTEIN.  Eggs, seafood, legumes! DO IT!  Keep fueling your body!  Eat plenty of beans!

4. Water.  Keep super hydrated!

5.  Spices.  Have some indian - especially tumeric and garlic.  Boost that immune system!

6.  CARBS.  I know carbs should be limited but they are necessary for brain functioning.  Our brain uses a great deal of energy and carbs are a quick fix.

7.  And finally CAFFEINE.  I really don't think large amounts of caffeine are good for the body AT ALL as they lower calcium levels and can interfear with heart rate etc.  According to a study on television this evening, a medical nutritionist guy recommended caffeiene as the best stimulant for increased brain activity (or at least without going to your phsych and begging for dexies etc).  Remember to keep a back up supply of milk thistle and detox after exams/after the over load!

And other essentials:



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