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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

THINK: Do you eat 74.2kg of meat a year?

Here is my usual Wednesday morning rant.  It comes after inspiration and information from my favourite class.  Today we looked at Economic development and influence on population and nutrition etc.  Once again I will state that we are so fortunate to live in this wonderful country.  Let me start by discussing food consumption.

Food Consumption

The Average Australian eats 74.2kg of meat per year (as recorded in 1998), however in 1940 meat consumption was at 100kg per person, per year... a good 25.8kg more!  One of the inticements that brought migrants to Australia was the "Feed the man meat" campaign.  It was advertised that in Australia, man could eat meat 3 meals a day SO MOVE HERE! What crap!

You may assume that individuals from Bangladesh and Indonesia would eat a significantly lower amount of meat per day which is obviously true.  What is startling is that in Bangladesh, the annual meat consumption rate per person is 3kg!  In indonesia it is 8kg.

Fruit and veg:

We consume a fuck load of fruit and vegetables per year (140kg of fruit alone).  This includes juice too which would be the majority of the figure for many people.  From late 1970's to early 1980's there was a huge incline in vegetable consumption.  Know why?  The introduction of the humble french fry by Ronald himself!  Apparently the most widely consumed vegetable amongst children at present is potatoes - thanks to that ridiculous franchise!

- The average Australian eats 3120 calories a day!!!!!!!
- Only 32% of women breast feed and this rate is DECREASING
- We consume far less sugar due to artificial sweeteners.
- We are experiencing negative growth.
- 990 people per square km in Bangladesh, 3 people per square km in Australia (in 2007).
- We only use 48kg of fertilizer per acre in comparison to the 383kg per acre in China (thats what happens when you need to make food for that many people).
- 61% of chinese people are employed in agriculture, compared to 4% of Australians.
- Each Australian has .7 of a tractor (aka machines do our work to compensate for manual labour/people).


You are lucky.
You are SO lucky.
THINK about what goes in your mouth.
THINK about what COULD go in your mouth.
EAT MORE QUALITY FRUIT AND VEG.. not this dried and canned stuff.

Perhaps we need more of these..


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