Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

-Dale Turner-

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I hate to admit this but I'm actually missing uni!!  After the first week back I know I will most certainly write a blog informing you of how much of a bore it is and that I CBF putting in the effort but for now lets just go with the happy thoughts.  My brain feels like its slowly swelling up (and no its not just because I drank a little too much yesterday) and I feel the need to stimulate it with interesting facts (the not so interesting formulas can go shove it still).  I've been finding myself doing crazy things to be extra prepared for the year - lingering in book shops for hours, brainstorming which note taking system I shall use, reading up on the benefits of fish oil for memory and organising my room.  However the most exciting part of all of this preparation rubbish is NEW STATIONARY.

For those of you that dont share my love for stationary it is possibly the most amazingly satisfying thing about starting a new semester.  You can get cutesy little note books that are different sizes and colours, that have dividers and plastic storage pockets.  You can get gorgeous little coloured pen sets that will never be used, little pencil cases that will possibly only fit a single pencil and impractical minature diaries that you can't even write in because the pages and spaces are so minute.  All in all stationary is fantastic.  Smiggle has been my shop of choice this year.  Its very awesome yet expensive and possibly slightly over rated.  I have new high lighters, post-its, calculator and storage boxes.  I have a pretty diary with little monthly dividers and all sorts of other crazy silly shit.

AAaaanyway I must now go and clean my car and make some juice.  Oh and while I'm here I will share some slightly more exciting news - I'm going down South on the 8th.  Its only to Margaret River but wine, friends, beaches and forrests excite me.  It shall be a fun couple of days :)  I'm also planning an epic filming session Saturday with James so hopefully that is fun and some what productive too.  And now because I decided to bring that up I must tell you a little bit about James.

James is awesome.  I have few people to actually just bum with.  Most people need a very structured schedule and acitivies to do when I meet with them.  Maybe I'm boring.  Maybe they are boring.  Who knows!  James is my primary chill buddy who will plan karaoke adventures and crazy walks through the kings park wilderness at night.  Just putting it out there.  If you see him, give him a 'High Five' for me.  Unfortunately my only picture of James is truely terrible but im sure you will enjoy it!!  I have NO idea what im doing but looks like im licking alex's head. Oh dear.


theguycalledtom said...


When we get married, I think we should put that photo on our wedding invitations.

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