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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help me!

I am a "self help" book maniac!  Its not like I take all the information that I endorse from these books seriously, nor is much of it new to me.  Diet, nutrition, eating disorders, food, vitamins, herbal remedies, detoxing, mental illnesses, the human body, well being, happiness.  I will go absolutely crazy for good books that are related to any of the topics above.  I dont use these books religiously but i like to store any credible information in my memory bank.  Magazines can be filled with a lot of shit, hence why i like government books and trusted authors with their facts down packed.  

My Top 6

1. Nutrition -  Lisa Hark PhD RD and Dr Darwin Deen (Nutrition Australia)

This book is truely fantastic!!!!  It covers a very broad range of problems and solutions related to nutrition.  Child, adolescent, adult and elderly nutrition guides are all included.  Information about celiacs, lactose intolerance, weight loss, vitamin/nutrient deficiencies etc are also discussed.  If you need a quick guide, this is the best I have come across!!

2. Eating Animals - Jonathan Safran Foer

I've never really refused to eat animals for cruelty and environmental reasons but more so for my own body and physical well being.  I do not believe that humans need meat or that our health is threatend by being vegetarian.  It has been proved that vegetarians live longer, are just as healthy and despite concerns can have a high protein diet without the presence of meat.  Toxins, farming techniques, chemicals, antibiotics etc are damaging to our bodies; not to mention the stress meat puts on our bodies to digest it.  Animal Agriculture contributes more to global warming that all the transport in the world combined.  Farming methods in the last 50 years have changed so dramatically so that chickens are killed 38 days after they are born and are artificially forced to grow and produce at a faster rate.  Free range chickens are killed 42 days after birth.  Pigs are also killed prematurely.  It is insanity to bring living beings into the world at such high numbers and then kill them off before they have even lived.  It is more of a crime to let animals suffer and die from sickness and starvation than having a relatively humane death.  Would you rather suffer your entire life or have a good life and suffer for the few seconds before you actually die?

3.  Sweet Poison - David Gillespie

Two decades ago the world would never have dreamed of eating the amount of sugar we eat today.  Farmers have engineered sweeter fruit and vegetable varieties to satisfy our sweet tooth taste buds.  Cereals and breads include more sugar than imaginable and a McDonalds Cheeseburger without pickle is classified as a desert.  Why do we pollute our bodies?  It makes me so upset!  Our ancestors ate very little sugar and if we trace back to the beginning of agriculture, the only sugar consumed was fructose.  If a human drinks one glass of unsweetended fruit juice every day, in a year they will put on approximately 2.5 pounds (on average).  Crazy? Yes!  If you have PCOS you will NEED to be on a low sugar diet to prevent invertility and illness!

4. Zest - Catherine Sxelby and Jennene Plummer

Zest is all about eating balanced meals and particular foods during particular seasons.  The book also includes nutrition and health advice.

5. Walking tall - Anthony Gunn

This is one of the sweetest little self help books I have ever read.  It ALWAYS picks me up when im down and it always puts a smile on my face.  Everyone needs to read positive little facts once in a while and to realise that life is amazing.  Get it!!

6. The detox cook book - Women's weekly

If you are lacking energy and experiencing health problems maybe you should do a proper detox - im not talking that "48 hr rapid detox" shit!!!  Im talking fresh veggie juices, lots of water, alkaline foods, fresh raw produce, whole grains, NO CAFFINE, NO ALCOHOL, NO DAIRY, NO MEAT, NO WHEAT and light to moderate exercise.  This is an amazing book to help you feel great!


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