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Monday, January 18, 2010

Chicken.......in a can.

Chicken, like many thousands of products, now comes in a can.  In the US I was shocked to see cake mixes, doughnuts, cheese, marshmallows etc on supermarket shelves in CANS.  Meats, veggies/fruits, grains, desert - is there anything not made with extra preservatives and packed into a tin cylinder?

You may have come across this new chicken product.  The name is "chop chop chicken" and I must admit that I'm surprised its taken people this long to think of this.  The truth is consumers are left even more in the dark about the product than that awful crap from KFC.  The poultry industry is possibly the most cruel in the meat industry world wide.  Despite chickens and the severe animal cruelty that they face, as usual my main concern is about the nutritional quality of the product.

As discussed I am no chicken eater.  Farmers have genetically engineered chickens to grow at an INSANELY fast rate and be slaughtered at just 38 days old!!!  An average chicken can live to 10 years old but very few chickens in the poultry industry would be able to make it to even a tenth of that age; even if they wernt slaughtered first!!  Their legs buckle due to the weight of their unnatural bodies (their bones can not support them).  The average chicken in the UK will put on 60 grams PER DAY!!!  This is the same chicken that you will find in a UK supermarket for less than 2.99 (pounds).  Of this money the farmer is given a 3p. profit (YES 3 PENCE)!

The UK and Australia are far better than the US in terms of chicken quality but do we really want our chicken to come in a can?  Yes its convenient but is it at all healthy?  I dont know the answer to this question as I have no real evidence but I highly doubt that the chickens used would be of a high quality (organic to say the least), nor do i expect this product to provide necessary nutritional benefits (besides obvious protein).

I know I preach.  I am not telling you to stop eating meat/chicken/this product.  I am presenting facts that I'm concerned with.  I'm sick of the poor quality of foods, especially because it is acceptable!

And a little something to look at?  Do you know how your cow is killed?


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