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-Dale Turner-

Friday, September 16, 2011

Uni Venting - Not a good feel good read I assure you.

Uni has been bothering me lately, but in a long term, career aspirations sort of way...

So here's my study journey...

Its daunting when you started something at uni that really wasn't your thing and it happens to the best of us I guess.  In 2009 I realised that journalism wasn't for me and in Semester Two I did bridging units for nutrition.  For semester one I could only do 3 out of 4 units as one wasn't offered, then I failed my first semester chemistry exam and my life was basically over for a few hours until I managed to deal with it.  Sadly, the same unit wouldn't be offered until the following year and I'd have to repeat in 2011, unless I did a similar unit from the biomedical science course and soldiered on through biochemistry.  Luckily, biochemistry was a lovely change and I accustomed quickly.  I found a way to structure all units to meet every prerequisite required and life became sweet again...

So now I've started some third year units but I have missed two core second years that i'll be needing as they were only offered in certain semesters and the bridging units limited me in my first semester unit selection as my entire course was based on chemistry prerequisites.  I know this is the direction I am meant to be going in but I see everyone slowly graduating and I sit and wonder when the fuck it will be me.  When will I finally have what I wanted?  After trying this hard, it must be in reach? ... but it seems so far away and I'll need to keep soldiering on. 

The primary problem I have had lately is what will I do when I'm finished this course?  It seems apparent that I will need to stay until the end of 2012 to finish my Nutrition degree but then what?  I'm writing this blog as a means of justification, as a way of working things out.  I sit here and question my capabilities.  I sit here and I think of how many people have actually wanted something as much as I want this.  But alas, there is a silver lining to all this worry and it has just come to me - emails from oh mighty course coordinators and Curtin and ECU.  Now I hate to seem pretentious but ECU has never really been a model university for me as a hopeful future health care professional.  In fact, I have steered away.  However I've just received a nice neat package for the course information for Masters in dietetics. GREAT success.  The course is far more recognised than expected, it offers almost an entire year of prac and it gives you a life membership with the DAA (Dietetics Association of Australia) AND allows you the accreditation required for own clinical practice.  This is everything I wanted to hear.  Of course I will investigate my options but this is good news... HOWEVER, good always comes at a price.  The course only starts mid year and i'll miss next years cut off.... Fuck. My. Life.
What to do....

I have wanted this far far too much.
I think its time to remind myself of that.
I have come so far but it really doesn't feel like it..
But I'm through the hard part, I'm over half way and I know I am capable.
I guess I'll have to suck it up and realise that I'm going to be at uni for quite a while..
And I guess in order to be fulfilled in life, I'm going to have to be ok with that.


Vegas Discount Gifts said...

Persevere and don't give up. You are only going through one moment of continual decisions and tasks that you will go through in life. Remind yourself that "this too shall pass." You will have a wonderful career once you are through this moment in your life. :)

Miss Mind.Detox said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Fight for what you believe is right!! You can achieve anything you put your mind too.

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