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Friday, April 13, 2012


Chocolate has ‘heart health benefits’

In March of 2006 the scientific journal, Nutrition Reviewpublished an article by researchers at the University of California Department of Physiological Nursing, Laboratory of Cardiovascular Physiology in San Francisco.  The study founf that the polyphenols in chocolate assisted in vasodilation and blood pressure reduction, inhibition of platelet activity, and decreased inflammation.

In July 2007, the Journal of the American Medical Associationspublished a study conducted at theDepartment of Pharmacology, University Hospital of Cologne, Germany.  These researchers studied the effects of of dark chocolate on patients 56 - 73 years of age with above normal blood pressure. They found that in their small sample of otherwise healthy individuals the inclusion of small amounts of polyphenol-rich dark chocolate as part of a usual diet efficiently reduced Blood Pressure and improved formation of vasodilative nitric oxide.

In 2008 the Journal of Nutrition published an article that concluded "Blood pressure is reduced and insulin sensitivity increased in glucose-intolerant, hypertensive subjects after 15 days of consuming high-polyphenol dark chocolate."

More interesting Facts
  • A cup of cocoa has more antioxidants than a glass of red wine and almost three times the antioxidants in a cup of green tea (this is obviously PLAIN cocoa).
  • While apples have 111mg of flavonoids and dark tea or red wine has about 63 mg of falvonoids, dark chocolate has 511 mg of flavonoids!
  • Health benefits come from chocolate 70% cocoa and above.

* It is recommended that no more than 100 calories worth of chocolate should be consumed, with those AT LEAST 70% cocoa solids and above (white chocolate is cheating :P).


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