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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Unhealthy salad

I was shopping last Thursday night and planned to get something quick to eat.  I had heard that the shopping centre I was at now had sumo salad.  Upon inspecting the salads, pretty much all of which were chicken and covered in creamy dressings, I decided to give the idea a miss. 

Just because something is called a salad, doesn't mean its healthy.  This is a common misconception.  Sometimes we think we're being good when really we could have probably eaten what we really wanted to and have done only slightly more (or even less damage). 

I decided to put my mind to rest and find out about "The healthiest fast food franchise" as they claim to be.  Lets look at their popular "Leafy salad, pesto chicken and avacado salad".  Obviously the fact that we have meat, pesto and avocado in a salad at once should probably set off alarm bells and make you stay away if you're trying to watch your weight but take a look at the damage:

46.5g of fat. Are you kidding me? Yeah its probably all those pine nuts and the oil in the pesto as well as the avocado but still.  And HOLY CRAP... look at the salt!?!?!?!?!?! WANT TO HAVE SKY ROCKETTING BP?!?!?

I'll post a little more later but seriously check out nutritional info to salads before thinking they are a better option.


Jordan said...

sumo salad is just another bogan fast food outlet, see below, the posts on krispy kreme and boost juice.


chrstphr said...

Sumo salad is God in food form <3

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